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How to calculate body mass index

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Method for calculating body mass index Body mass index = body weight / (height)^ 2

Weight: in kilograms, height: in meters. for example If you weigh 60 kg and height 160 cm, body mass index = body weight / (height in meters) ^ 2 , body mass index = 60 / (1.6) ^2 = 23.43 , which is when we get your body mass index (BMI). compare To see where our values ​​fall. Body mass index Asians below 18.50 Underweight 18.50-22.99 Suitable weight 23.00-24.99 Overweight 25.00-29.99 Obese 30.00 or more abnormally obese. How to Calculate Waist to Hip Ratio ( WHR)

Waist circumference (in cm) / hip circumference (in cm).
For example, if you have a waist circumference = 82 cm and hips = 90 cm.

Waist circumference (in cm) / hip circumference (in cm)
Waist-hip ratio (WHR) = 82/90 = 0.91

The value obtained if it exceeds 0.85: indicates obesity.

Value 0.76-0.84: Shows that you are nearing a belly button. You should start making the changes yourself.
A value lower than 0.75: You are not at risk of health from fat.

For people, the standard waist circumference is that

for men it should not be more than 90 cm
for women . should not exceed 80 cm.

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