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Amazing..Bana Hill Danang Hoi An, Vietnam 3 Days 2 Nights

Day 1Da Nang Airport • Take Cable Car to Bana Hills.

Arrived at Danang Airport, Vietnam Passed the immigration formalities already. (local time in Vietnam is equal to Thailand) Danang is a city of white sand beaches. and Marble Mountain is an important port city and the 4th largest city in Vietnam, this city thrives and grows. came from a fishing village to become an important port city

Bring everyone to travel to Ba Na Hills, which is the best resort in Central Vietnam. Discovered during the French rule, Vietnam has built a road around the mountains to build accommodation, hotels, and various facilities to use.

As a resting place during the battle between the cable car ride with thrilling beauty, we can see the natural scenery of both Toc Tien Waterfall and Suoi no Stream (in a dream). Full of mythological charm and fantasy adventure at The Fantasy Park ( includes rides on the park except for wax figures not included) that is part of Ba Na Hills you will find Players in many forms such as challenging the fun of 4 D movies, Thriller with haunted houses and more.

If dinosaurs, fun games, light rides, dizzying spiders, as well as many nervous thrills, or shopping for souvenirs within the amusement park to your heart’s content and more at Waiting for you to prove the fun to the fullest for you to enjoy with various kinds of players to the fullest.

french city tour It is a building designed to have a real European atmosphere but can only be found near Vietnam. traverse down the alleys There are many beautiful photo-check-in corners.

Le Jardin d’ Amour is a beautiful French-style garden. with flowers and trees There are all beautiful photo corners, including the Debay Wine Cellar . underground tunnels for brewing wine It’s a long way to walk through and see. will come out to the garden

dinner service International buffet style at Bana Hill Restaurant

Take you to the accommodation ** Mercury Bana Hill French Village hotel on Bana Hill.

Day 2: Bana Hills • Cam Thanh Village • Kradong Boat Ride • Hoi An Ancient Town • Da Nang

Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.

then take you on a journey to Kam Than Village Have fun with the activity!! Take a boat ride, Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village , a small village in Hoi An town nestled in a coconut plantation along the river. In the past, during the war it was a residence for soldiers. The main occupation of this person is fishing. During the cruise, you will see the beautiful culture. Villagers will sing folk songs. Men and women will tease each other, bring the paddle boats to knock together in a fun music rhythm ( not including the tip of the boatman, 40 baht per person / per person / per trip )

take you on a journey to “Hoi An Ancient City” Hoi An was a port city in the past. One of the important trade in Southeast Asia and the center of Cultural exchange between the west and the east, UNESCO has declared Hoi An. cultural world heritage city.

Because it is a historical landmark Although it has undergone many renovations, but still retains the style of Hoi An. Take you on an air-conditioned coach journey into Hoi An.

Lunch service at the restaurant

then take you to see the Chinese Temple, which is the largest and oldest Chinese association of Hoi An, used as a meeting place for many generations. This temple is featured in beautiful wood carving patterns. Can make merit renewed by the ancient ceremony, which is the incense that is coiled into a spiral come to the point of leaving It is auspicious for you to take a tour of the Old House of Tan Sky, an ancient house which is the name of the former owner of the house from a well-off Vietnamese.

See the oldest and most beautiful wooden houses in Hoi An, built more than 200 years ago and are now well preserved. And it is also the residence of the seventh generation heirs of the clan. The design of the building is a blend of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architectural influences. The facade of the building on Nguyen Tai Hok Road is a boutique store. Behind another road near the Thu Bon River, there is a wooden door.

You can see the scenery and see rowing boats roaming the Thu Bon River as well. Japanese Bridge Built by the Japanese community more than 400 years ago, there is a sacred shrine in the middle of the bridge. created to chant the spirit of the dragon The Japanese believe that The underworld dragon is in India and the tail is in Japan.

The body is in Vietnam. When the dragon turns around, there will be a flood or an earthquake. So the Japanese built this bridge by hammering a pile into the middle of the body to eliminate it so that there would be no more disasters. See the Guan Yu Shrine which is on the bridge. In Japan and in Hoi An, locals will bring various items in front of their houses. To sell to tourists, you can buy souvenirs. It can also be a souvenir to take home, such as a lantern bag, etc.

Dinner service at a restaurant, special menu, Premium Seafood Boatket+ Lobster

then bring you to stay at LAVENDER HOTEL or equivalent 3 stars**

Day 3: Dragon Bridge • Linh Ung Temple • Han Market Shopping • Da Nang Airport 

morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.

then take you to see the Dragon Bridge, another new attraction in Da Nang, the fire dragon bridge, the new symbol of Vietnam’s success, with a length of 666 meters, the width of 6 lanes, connecting both sides of the Han River in Vietnam. The dragon was created as a tourist attraction in Da Nang. It is a symbol of the revival of the country. and to revitalize the country’s economy which has been in operation since 2013 With architecture combined with modern technology inspired by the legend of Vietnam more than a thousand years ago.

Worship. Linh Ung Temple is the largest temple in Da Nang. Inside the main viharn of the temple is a place of worship of Guanyin and various deities according to the beliefs of the villagers in this area. There is also a lime statue of the goddess. Guan Yin, 67 meters tall, sits on a 35-meter-wide lotus base, standing facing the mountain and facing the sea, protecting fishermen who go out to fish. Off the coast of this temple, besides being a sacred place where villagers come to worship and make blessings, it is also another beautiful tourist destination, a beautiful viewpoint of Da Nang.

then take you for a walk and shopping in the Han Market, which has a variety of products such as cloth, liquor, cigarettes, and food. It is a fresh market and sells local products of Da Nang.

It’s time to take you to Da Nang Airport.

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