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Is Goodyear prototype airless or non-pneumatic tires

Goodyear announces prototype airless or non-pneumatic tires (Non-pneumatic Tires (NPT)) have completed testing at a distance of 120,700 km with a top speed of 160 km/h. in temperatures ranging from scorching heat to cold snow.

One of these tests was performed on a Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle at Goodyear’s Luxembourg test ground. Found that the performance of airless tires worked flawlessly. Driving through obstacles and taking sharp turns while maintaining impressive speed. And if in the future there will be widespread use of this anaerobic tire This will greatly help extend the life of the most challenging tires leading to a significant reduction in tire waste.

Airless tires or non-pneumatic tires It has a resilient structure design consisting of rubber layers intertwined into a triangular shape that absorbs shock. This allows the tire to withstand more weight than conventional inflated tires. In addition, the maintenance is lower and reduces the risk of tire explosions as well.

Other major tire manufacturers have also expressed interest in developing the anaerobic tire. These include Bridgestone, which debuted an airless tire concept in 2011, and Michelin announced in 2019 that it will begin supplying airless tires for General Motors vehicles. as early as 2024, and Hankook has also been demonstrating his own concept for airless tires since the beginning of 2013.

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