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The Law of Using Bulus Oil in Islam, Here Are the Opinions of the Ulama

With the various benefits possessed by Bulus oil, what is the ruling on using Bulus oil according to Islam? To find out the answer, let’s look at the following article.

White turtle oil is an oil produced from freshwater turtles or turtles which has many benefits. It has been known for a long time that it has benefits for household harmony.

However, you have to be careful because there are genuine bulus oil and fake bulus oil. For that you must pay attention properly so that you are not deceived by fake fur oil.

If you want to be sure to get the original, you can buy it at Apiotik because it’s most likely that the Bulus oil sold at the pharmacy is original.

Speaking of the issue of Bulus oil with its various benefits, what is the ruling on using Bulus Oil in Islamic teachings? But before knowing the law, we first know the benefits of Bulus oil

Maybe we hear a lot about the benefits of castor oil only about sexuality, but it turns out that castor oil has a lot of benefits too.

Benefits of Bulus Oil for the Body

  1. Keeps the skin supple

Bulus oil turns out to contain high vitamin E. As we know that vitamin E can help the skin to be firmer and also supple.

  1. Tighten Breasts

Having firm breasts is definitely the dream of all women on this earth. Well, you don’t need expensive surgery. Bulus oil can tighten your breasts without implants and surgery again.

  1. Get rid of acne on the face

It turns out that Bulus oil can also be used to get rid of acne on the face of both women and men. In addition to acne, Bulus oil can also help remove black spots, acne scars and sun exposure.

  1. Prevents Aging Wrinkles

For those of you whose face wants to look firm and youthful, you can apply castor oil to your face. Over time and regularly use it, your face will look tight and not easily wrinkled.

  1. Remove Scars

Castor oil can actually help get rid of scars on the skin. In addition, it can also help heal and remove stretch marks in women.

The Law of Using Bulus Oil in Islam

Indeed, Bulus oil has various benefits, however, as we all know, Bulus is an animal that lives in 2 realms, namely on land and in water. There are differences from some scholars regarding the use of this bulus oil.

The following are the details of the differences of opinion among the madhhab scholars, as follows:

Maliki Ulama

The opinion of Malikiyah scholars absolutely allows animals that can live in two realms, including frogs, crocodiles, turtles, turtles, turtles or labi-labi and crabs.

Shafi’iyah Scholars

Based on the opinion of the Syafi’iyah scholars, it is absolutely permissible for animals that can live in two worlds except frogs. As for the law regarding water birds, it is halal if they are slaughtered first in a syar’i way.

Hambali Scholars

In the opinion of the Hambali scholars, animals that live in two realms are not halal unless they are slaughtered first. However, unlike crabs, it is okay not to slaughter crabs because it is a type of animal that does not have blood vessels.

Hanafi scholars

In the opinion of Hanafi scholars, all animals that live in the two worlds are not halal. Only aquatic animals are lawful, and that only applies to fish.

Well, those are some of the opinions of the scholars about using castor oil. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you who read it.

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