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What is occupational illness?

Occupational Illness

  1. Sitting in the office with a computer , gastritis, acid reflux, neck and shoulder stiffness, migraine headaches, allergies, cervical dislocations, dizziness, tightness, finger locks
  2. Salesperson in a department store , heel pain, calf pain
  3. Children addicted to games, allergies, migraines, neck and shoulder stiffness, bad eyesight
  4. Beautician , neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, shoulder stuck, finger lock, uterus dislocation
  5. Teachers, teachers, old teachers (varicose veins, leg pain, knee pain, hemorrhoids, hernia) New generation teachers (tension in the neck and shoulders, migraine, gastritis due to sitting at the computer for a long time)
  6. food vendor
  7. Farmer, gardener, farmer , back pain, waist pain, knee joint, deformed bone Foot dermatitis, allergic to insecticides, herbicides, allergies
  8. Driver , tense muscles, neck and shoulder stiffness, dislocated cervical vertebrae back pain waist pain Lumbar dislocation, leg pain
  9. wiring technician ceiling hitter, neck pain, headache, finger lock
  10. Plasterer, pain in the whole body, constricted veins, high blood pressure (because he likes to drink alcohol relieve pain)
  11. Police , gastritis, migraines, acid reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes (because of drinking alcohol), cirrhosis
  12. Rubber tapping person , sciatica, calf, herniated disc, back pain, lumbar pain
  13. Fisherman , back pain, lumbar pain, dislocated lumbar
  14. Monks, numbness of hands and feet, blood circulation, inconvenient walking (sitting on legs), diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney degeneration, prostate enlargement, fat, stroke, heart
  15. People who are 60 years old , degenerative, diabetes, high blood pressure, lipids, osteoarthritis
  16. Golfing , wrist pain, locked finger, back pain, lumbar pain, spinal deformity
  17. Chiropractor , gastritis (not eating on time), neck and shoulder stiffness, wind in the line, constipation
  18. Seamstress, finger locks, clenched fists with fascia, backache, lumbar pain, hemorrhoids, constipation
  19. Work related to radiation (X-ray room, photographer) leukemia lymphoma The offspring are mentally handicapped and sterile.
  20. Work related to asbestos (Blake fabric, Ron tile, paint) Lung cancer

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