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The dangers of intestinal gas

Small intestinal gas, also known as hernia, is generally divided into direct hernia and indirect hernia.

Many people have intestinal gas. When coughing and abdominal pressure increase, they will experience a feeling of bulging in the lower abdomen, accompanied by mass, which can be recovered when lying down or pressing with hands. This type of hernia is called sliding hernia. what harm. However, in some patients, Canton, who is prone to intestinal gas, will have obvious lower abdominal pain, and in severe cases, intestinal necrosis will occur, which will be accompanied by gastrointestinal bleeding and shock.

Therefore, for the treatment of small intestinal gas, surgery is generally adopted, and patch placement can be used to reduce the occurrence of small intestinal gas. And regular abdominal ultrasound examinations to understand the situation of intestinal gas.

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