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Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid

PAXLOVID™ (PF-07321332; ritonavir) was found to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% compared to placebo in non-hospitalized high-risk adults with COVID-19.

In the overall study population through Day 28, no deaths were reported in patients who received PAXLOVID™ as compared to 10 deaths in patients who received placebo. Pfizer plans to submit the data as part of its ongoing rolling submission to the U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as soon as possible

Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid is reported to be able to relieve symptoms of COVID-19.

Two patients who received Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid were reported to have been able to relieve symptoms of long COVID, while the researchers also tested it on themselves. She found remarkable evidence that It can help reduce the pain of exhaustion.

The researchers stated that that chronic fatigue It made her feel like she had been hit by a truck. Long covid symptoms can affect health crisis. It affects up to 30% of people who are infected with coronavirus. Long coronavirus symptoms include more than 200 symptoms, including pain, fatigue, brain fatigue, difficulty breathing and fatigue after minimal physical activity.

Dr. Steven Deeks, a medicine expert at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and an expert in HIV treatment research, said there is strong evidence that we need to study antiviral therapies as soon as possible. He also found that there were people who had tested positive for coronavirus. Symptoms improved after taking Paxlovid.

A word of caution from scientists

Scientists warn that This is just a data-based hypothesis and it has not been proven that medication is the cause of the relief of symptoms. But they also support the theory that Long, covids may be the reason why the virus stays in the body for months. affecting daily life after severe symptoms disappear.

The best evidence from an NIH study in which researchers examined 44 deaths from COVID-19. or other reasons but also infected with covid He found that the infection spread throughout his body. including the brain It can stay in the body for more than 7 months after the onset of symptoms.

Paxlovid, Pfizer’s drug, available in combination with the antiviral drug ritonavir, is currently approved for use on the first day of coronavirus infection to prevent patients at high risk of developing severe symptoms after coronavirus.

Kit Longley, a spokesman for Pfizer, said the company had no clinical trials of coronavirus and had not commented on the matter. wid Found that it can prevent covids in the early stages. Months of sick patients are confused by a lack of research data on medications for their condition.

Survivor Corps founder Diana Berrent has been trying to lobby the Biden government to fund clinical trials of COVID-19, a report published prior to peer review said a 47-year-old woman. Healthy years before covid infection After contracting the virus in the summer of 2021, her symptoms gradually subsided within 48 hours (2 days), but she continued to experience severe fatigue. have brain fatigue tired after exercise have insomnia fast heartbeat Body aches so bad that I can’t work for a long time.

About six months after she was infected, she was re-infected. Severe covid symptoms again Doctors prescribed Paxlovid for 5 days, only on the third day she was infected. She found that COVID symptoms improved rapidly. Stanford Health Care co-director Dr. Linda Geng, who wrote the report in Research Square, said she had returned to normal.

Not just a single case But there is also a case of Lavanya Visvabharathy, 37, an immunologist working at Northwestern Medicine’s Long COVID Clinic, who contracted the virus in December 2021. She was mild. in the beginning But she later developed chronic fatigue, headaches, and sleep disturbances four months after contracting the infection. She also took a rapid test for coronavirus and found it positive. reflects that the virus is still.

She decided to try Paxlovid, and found that after five days of taking the drug, the fatigue and insomnia had improved, the headaches had decreased. After two weeks the fatigue had disappeared. Already 100%, but Paxlovi may have to be controlled. Carefully supervise clinical trials too.

Dr. Igor Koralnik, clinical team leader at Northwestern Medicine, focused on the neuropsychiatric effects of COVID-19, said ritonavir and Paxlovid cannot be used arbitrarily. or use it randomly Paxlovid is not a weak drug. Therefore, study before using the drug.

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