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Can blood type predict cancer? A type, B type, O type, AB type, which blood type is less prone to cancer

We have already decided what blood type we are from the moment we are born. Blood type actually refers to the different antigens and antibodies in the blood, which help the blood resist foreign invading harmful substances.

The most common and most commonly mentioned blood types are the abo types, which are divided into 4 major types : A blood, B blood, AB blood and O blood.

Scientists have been studying our blood types for a long time. Different blood types do have different personalities, and different blood types will also affect our health to a certain extent. Now there are also people on the Internet who associate blood types with cancer. Cancer rates are different, so which blood type has a lower chance of getting cancer?

Can blood type predict cancer? A type, B type, O type, AB type, which blood type is less prone to cancer

blood type A

Type A blood is the first blood type to appear. Type A blood has strong endurance and adaptability , but people with type A blood have relatively poor resistance. If you don’t pay attention, you may catch a cold. Human blood concentration is relatively high, and it is easy to develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

People with type A blood are also prone to stomach problems, especially gastritis and gastric ulcers. Among the people suffering from cancer, the proportion of people with type A blood is still relatively high, as high as 1/3. The most common types of cancer are gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and sarcoma.

Gastric cancer is particularly closely related to blood type A, and it may be that the tumor glycolipids in the tumor tissue have blood type A activity.

blood type B

Type B blood appears later than type A blood, but it also accounts for a large proportion of the population. This type of people is lively and active, so their resistance is relatively better, but it is easy to develop lungs Disease, the probability of suffering from tuberculosis is higher , but people with blood type B are not prone to liver disease.

Studies have shown that people with type B blood are more likely to develop diabetes, and people with type B blood have a 21% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people with type O blood.

Because people with blood type B have unstable temper and are not easy to control, they are prone to breast cancer and oral cancer. They must learn to control their temper in peacetime.

Type AB blood

People with type AB blood are relatively calm, so the probability of developing cancer is relatively small, but people with type AB blood are prone to coronary heart disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and their blood flow is relatively slow and blood concentration is relatively high. , especially for female friends, the probability of developing cervical cancer will increase relatively.

People with type Ab blood have both a antigen and B antigen, so they are prone to schizophrenia, and they must be careful of depression.

blood type O

People with type O blood have an advantage over other blood types. Type O blood is the universal blood in everyone’s heart, but not all blood types can be lost, so you still need to pay attention to matching, because people with type O blood are more active , so the metabolism of the body is relatively good, and you can adjust your body in time.

Compared with other blood types, people with type O blood have a lower risk of cancer , and people with type O blood are generally positive and optimistic, and they can regulate their emotions in time.

However, people with type O blood have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer ‘s disease and cerebral thrombosis, and people with type O blood are prone to pulmonary infections, so they must take personal protection in peacetime.


Although studies have found that there is a certain correlation between different blood types and the incidence of different diseases, blood type is not the only factor that causes diseases. You don’t have to worry too much. As long as you adjust your life in peacetime, you can also keep many diseases out of the door. outside.

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