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Tuju Nantong Kaisha Island Campground: A paradise in the middle of the river

Get close to nature and integrate into nature. If you want to find a paradise, then go to Kaisha Island. While feeling the rural atmosphere, enjoy the rhythm and melody of the city. Kaisha Island is a small island in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is located in Wujie Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

In 2021, the China Association of Tourist Vehicles and Boats will carry out the second batch of self-driving car camp grade identification work nationwide. 2019) industry standards and accreditation rules, comprehensively promoted, checked one by one, and earnestly implemented, the recommended Tuju Nantong (Kaisha Island) campground is on the list, becoming the second batch of 5C-level self-driving car campsites in the country.

On January 10, 2022, the China Tourist Vehicle and Boat Association announced the second batch of 5C and 4C class self- driving car camps, including 7 5C class camps and 13 4C class camps. So far, the number of high-grade self-driving caravan camps nationwide has expanded to 35.

Tuju Nantong (Kaisha Island) Campground is located in Kaisha Island, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The campground relies on Nantong’s superior traffic location and the excellent natural ecological environment of Kaisha Island. The island is picturesque, polite and fresh. Built according to international advanced industry standards, there are RV campsites, lake view villas, jungle tree houses, lake view tents, barbecue areas, open-air movies, bonfire areas, leisure sports areas, multi-functional lawns, forest adventures, happy base camps, Archery, ball games, karting, kayaking, outdoor development, real CS, offensive and defensive arrows, water park, positional shooting, children’s playground, forest magic net, jungle leap, hunting storm, lake cruise, horse riding field, VR experience, Rainbow slides, unpowered theme parks, water expansion and other projects, Jinghai Pavilion (catering, conference) has multi-function halls, dining rooms, and the camp has two magnificent island lakes, which are rare island waterfronts in China The compound camping industry complex provides guests with a core user experience of nature, fun, intelligence, and hands-on experience, and builds and builds a new value ecosystem for car, RV and camping.

There are 106 extended RVs, 11 standard RVs, 4 couple RVs, 1 standard couple RV, 1 VIP extended RV, 3 luxury imported RVs, 5 KTV RVs, and RV interior. The supporting facilities are luxurious, comfortable and complete, which can meet the accommodation needs of 3-4 people at the same time, independent camp, with parking space, outdoor leisure tables and chairs, barbecue table.

There are 18 lake view villas, 5 tree houses and 7 lake view tents. They are built according to the standard of holiday villas. The room types are rich, and the exterior is equipped with exclusive parking spaces, barbecue platforms and leisure areas, which are comfortable and free. Can provide customers with self-driving travel, research travel, weekend vacation, family travel, parent-child travel, business activities, team building development, business reception and banquets, outdoor events, large, medium and small meetings, corporate events, etc.

Catering Services:

The camp can provide multi-personal catering services such as Chinese food, Western food, combined dishes, banquets, and outdoor customized cold meals; it has multi-functional banquet halls and high-end boxes, which can accommodate hundreds of people and can meet various banquet needs.

Meetings, Events and Venue Services:

Large, medium and small meeting spaces are equipped with audio-visual equipment; outdoor venues are high-quality, can accommodate thousands of people for events, and have excellent conference service capabilities. Compared with traditional event and conference venues, the camp has the functions of food, lodging, travel and entertainment, which can provide richer and multi-dimensional services with higher cost performance.

Research and camp education services:

Winter and summer camps, spring and autumn tours, weekend camp education, and research trips. Advantages: International camps, complete supporting facilities, closed management, safety guarantee; rich courses, high-quality services, and excellent large-scale group reception capabilities.

Wellness Travel Services:

Advantages: Living on the island in the water, gathering energy and rejuvenating the mind and body; 24-hour butler service; customized health catering; the camp has basic medical services, and travel is worry-free.

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