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The Humble Administrator’s Garden in Jiangsu Province, China

The Humble Administrator’s Garden, located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was built in the early years of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty (early 16th century) and is a representative work of classical gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. For more than 400 years, the Humble Administrator’s Garden has been divided and merged several times, either as a “private” residence, or as a “golden house” as a treasure, or as a “Prince’s Mansion”, leaving many fascinating relics and allusions. So do you know what to pay attention to when booking tickets for the Humble Administrator’s Garden? Let’s take a look with Suzhou Hui Xiaobian!

Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden Ticket Booking Instructions List

Reservation Instructions:

  1. The whole network is limited to one ID card. Each admission day can book up to four full-price adult tickets, two half-price senior tickets, two student (child) discount tickets, and one discount object reservation ticket;
  2. Reservation object: All Chinese and foreign tourists, including free special care objects and residents of this city with garden cards;
  3. Reservation method: Make an online reservation before 24:00 the night before;
  4. In order to ensure smooth entry into the park, please be sure to fill in your real name, mobile phone number, ID number and other information when booking;
  5. After the online ticket reservation is successful, it cannot be rescheduled; if you need to reschedule, please apply for cancellation of the order and then rebook;
  6. Online booking is only valid on the day of booking. Visitors can enter the park quickly with the ID card registered in the pre-sale and the SMS QR code received after the booking is successful. Once the reserved tickets are used, they are non-refundable;
  7. If the pre-sold tickets are not used, you can apply for a refund. For refunds, the entire order must be canceled, and part of the tickets in the entire order cannot be canceled;
  8. If you book multiple orders with the same ID card, it is recommended to use the SMS QR code to enter the park.

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