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ACSEINE Cleaning products for sensitive skin

ACSEINE Cleaning products for sensitive skin

There are no stimulating factors that cause skin irritation. Because cleaning products are like the first steps that come into contact with the skin itself.

Advice#1: The product you choose must be a formula. Hypoallergenic Especially gentle for sensitive skin (Guaranteed from a team of dermatologists, the better)

Advice #2: Check the ingredients to make sure the products you use are gentle. It must be free from substances that cause irritation to the skin such as perfume, alcohol, parabens, etc.

Advice#3: Make sure that the cleanser you choose doesn’t dry out your skin after washing your face. Does not make your skin dry and dehydrated The cleanser should have a pH value, not too alkaline. And if it has the ability to replenish and retain moisture in the skin, it will be even better. Because the problem that often comes with the delicate skin layer is that the skin loses water easily.

Advice#4: Choose a nonionic surfactant that is highly effective in cleaning but is the most gentle on the skin. Therefore, there is no accumulation of chemicals and dirt on the surface that irritate the skin as well.

Advice#5: It’s not just a cleanser, it’s important to pay attention to Makeup remover, makeup remover if you wear makeup regularly. It should be cleaned 2 times (Double Cleansing) on ​​the day of makeup with Makeup remover, followed by gentle soap or cleansing foam. suitable for your skin type to ensure efficient cleaning no dirt left excess oil or even cosmetic residues on the skin until there are problems with irritation.

  1. For those who like to wear makeup often, Acseine Advice recommends an oil-type cleanser that contains non-ionic cleansing agents that are gentle on the skin. Because the oil will be able to remove stains of long-lasting and waterproof makeup, such as Acseine Mild Wash Cleansing.
  2. For those with clogged acne problems, Acseine Advice recommends a gel or milk-type cleansing (Cleansing) such as Acseine Milky Cleanse Up, which meets the needs of those with acne-prone skin problems. Dirty and dead skin cells Make the top layer of skin soft. Reduce the problem of dark circles and clogged pores.
  3. For those with very sensitive skin problems, Acseine Advice recommends cleansing (Cleansing) with a moisturizing oil texture as well. Ready to find a formula that guarantees easy to lose. (Hypoallergenic Test) without parabens and surfactants (Surfactant) such as Acseine Cleansing Oil, which is 100% oil, so there is no problem with Oxidation.

This is why ACSEINE emphasizes on skin cleansing, not just cleansing, but ACSEINE products focus on gentle skin care. Restores skin to be strong, moisturized without leaving dirt to clog up or irritate the skin. Which is controlled by the Allergen Control System that helps to find and limit the most irritating substances out of the product from the product.

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