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After the apocalypse boss went to another world, she hung up

After the apocalypse boss went to another world, she hung up
Other Name: 末世大佬穿到异世后她开挂了

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Author: Lychee is a little sour
Year: 2021
Chapter: Chapter 437 Ended
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Ning Xing, as the last descendant of the blood race in the apocalypse, traveled to a different world where humans and animals coexist in order to find people. She has no other ability, she can eat and fight, and she is ruthless and courageous! She can be cute, she can be coquettish, she can kill strange beasts, and she can beat scumbags!

The hungry Ning Xing immediately licked his lips when he saw the blood on the man’s wound. He leaned forward to grab the man, showing a pitiful and innocent look like a puppy, and said pitifully, “I’m hungry.” When the attack came, the team saw that it was not safe, and Ning Xing immediately transformed into a more ferocious existence than alien beasts.

Gritting his white teeth, he rushed into the herd and made them go back and forth. When you encounter a scumbag bullying a woman, you don’t even blink an eye, your hand drops, and you completely abolish it!

Free Reading Highlights:

Ning Xing was very hungry and thirsty.

Especially when seeing fresh blood flowing from the corpse of that huge alien beast. She, who could no longer bear the thirst and hunger, shrank a pair of dark eyes, as if a beast had found its prey.

Immediately after seeing her tender red tongue, with extreme greed, she licked her already a little chapped lips.

“What are you doing, hurry up and run, the herd will come later!”

The man who had just survived from the mouth of the alien beast was in a hurry and panicked, getting up from the ground and preparing to escape, while shouting at Ning Xing.

However, Ning Xing didn’t seem to understand what he said. Not only was he unmoved, he quickly turned around and ran away.

On the contrary, it was as if he was possessed by a demon, and his eyes were full of longing for the corpse of the alien beast. So much so that she was so greedy and swallowed her saliva that she walked towards the steaming corpse of the alien beast that had just fallen down.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The man who had already run a few steps was startled when he saw Ning Xing going in the opposite direction.

“I’m hungry.” Ning Xing finally reacted to the man’s words, turned to look at the man, pitiful, very innocent and aggrieved.

The man felt that Ning Xing was a lunatic, and he was almost driven mad by her!

I don’t understand how I met such a woman when I was running away from life and death?

All over, there is nothing to be gained except that she is still alive!

Fat, useless, and shameless!

When attacked by a strange beast, she could neither run nor move. After that, she didn’t have any self-knowledge, and she was not ashamed of dragging others down.

On the contrary, when danger came, she held onto his thigh tightly, as if they had a feud to kill relatives in their previous life, so that in this life she appeared to drag him to the death together.

“At this time, do you still have the mind to control whether you are hungry or not?”

The man jumped in a hurry. He had been separated from the Shiye Army for a long time. If they couldn’t find a large army, they would completely abandon him on this purgatory-like continent of alien beasts and let him fend for himself.

Therefore, whether it is to avoid the attack of the alien beast group or to merge with the large army, he cannot delay any longer.

And this fat woman who doesn’t know what to do in front of her, if she wants to die, let her die, he won’t accompany her!

Anyway, in this cruel world, human life is not as good as grass, and everyone is too busy to take care of themselves. Whether she dies or not has much to do with him!

“Just one moment, one click and that’s it.” Ning Xing still didn’t look back, but while returning to the man’s words, he came to the corpse of the alien beast, twisting her clumsy body, crawling with both hands and feet to the corpse of the alien beast.

As soon as she got up, she was tired and lay on the corpse of the alien beast. First, the corpse of the alien beast was too large, and its size might almost catch up with the elephant that A Yang said.

The second is that her current body is not flexible enough, not to mention too much weight. I can’t lift my hands, and my legs are weak.

It was time-consuming and laborious to climb up.

If this is replaced by her own body, she can’t even use her hands, and she can jump up with one jump.

Thinking of this, Ning Xing felt very depressed.

It’s all to blame that Ning Yue, who agreed to let her wear it, but only let her soul pass through!

It’s alright now, let her be the only descendant of the vampire who could have been able to use the knife and fall, and instantly turn over a group of zombies, and completely become a ‘weak woman’ who can only be coquettish and cute, holding people’s thighs to save her life.

“I don’t care about you, you can die if you want to die!”

The man picked up the equipment that was dropped from the fight with the alien beasts from the ground, then picked up his gun, and said to Ning Xing without turning his head.

And Ning Xing looked at the direction the man was leaving. Not only was there no panic of being abandoned, but instead, she was very calm and calm. She opened her dark gem-like eyes and watched him leave innocently like a child.

It wasn’t until she saw the figure of the man disappearing behind the sand dunes not far away that she slowly exhaled and whispered to herself, “You will come back.”

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