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About George Washington University

George Washington University, referred to as GWU or GW, is a world-renowned, top private research university in the United States. Establishing a national institution of higher learning was a desire of the first president of the United States, George Washington, and George Washington University was established on this basis.


The school was founded on the desire of the first president of the United States, George Washington, to establish an authoritative national university, and his comrades carried on his legacy, eventually persuading then-president James Monroe to sign into Congress in 1821 Act, a national institution of higher learning came into being in the District of Columbia. After nearly 200 years of trials and hardships, the school has developed into a world-renowned comprehensive research university.

The school’s main campus in Foggy Bottom is located in the center of Washington, the capital of the United States, adjacent to the U.S. State Department, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, only a few blocks from the White House, as well as Mount Vernon and Virginia campuses.

Since its establishment, the school has continuously injected new blood into these important international organizations and government agencies, so it is often called “the cradle of politicians”. Its excellent academic reputation and excellent geographical location provide students with ample internships. and job opportunities. Alumni and students call themselves “Colonials”.

School symbol

The hippo is a symbol of George Washington University.

This stems from a story that the Potomac River that flows through Washington was once teeming with hippopotamuses, an animal that is said to bring good harvests to crops when it appears, and good luck if you are lucky enough to touch its nose . George Washington and his wife often rested by the pond on their farm in Mount Vernon, and occasionally saw hippos jumping out of the water, much to the delight of the couple.

Of course, stories are stories, legends are legends, and no official American document has ever recorded a hippopotamus in the Potomac. But the imaginative President Trachtenberg decided to make the hippo a symbol of George Washington University. You know, famous American schools will choose an animal as their symbol.

At the same time, George Washington University has a strong sports team, and the school’s basketball team and football team have always been among the best in the United States.

Campus introduction

George Washington University is located in the center of the capital Washington, only a few steps away from the White House, the State Department and the World Bank. The school has three campuses: Foggy Bottom, Virginia and Mount Vernon. The campus has excellent facilities.

There are multiple libraries, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, hospitals, various large and small shops, restaurants, student activity organizations, etc. in teaching buildings, laboratory buildings and dormitory buildings. The campus has a pleasant scenery, with many large lawns, sculpture fountains and cherry blossom trees, and classical and modern buildings complement each other.

There is a 24-hour free shuttle bus between the George Washington University campuses, every 5 minutes, and there are multiple parking spots on each campus. It is convenient for students to travel between campuses and make full use of the school’s rich resources.


2021QS World University Ranking No. 353; 2015QS World University Ranking No. 300; 2014-15 Times Higher Education World University Ranking No. 200; 2013 Shanghai Jiaotong University World University Academic Ranking No. 201-300.

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