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Wolverine’s Daughter movie is finally here!

‘Wolverine’s Daughter’ movie is finally here!

With the release of “Dark Phoenix”, it announced the end of the X-Men universe for nearly 20 years. This is undoubtedly a sad ending for the old X-men fans. Although its copyright owner Fox was acquired by Disney, X-Men Police and other copyrights have also returned to Marvel, but everyone understands that even if the copyrights return, it will be difficult to see those familiar figures on the screen again in the near future.

For a well-planned MCU, it will obviously take a while to bring out the X-Men. But just when the public thought so, things ushered in a turning point. Dave Keane, who played “Wolverine’s Daughter” in “Wolverine 3”, revealed that she was in talks to play “X-23” Ginny. Laura.

The release of “Wolverine 3” in 2017 also announced the end of “Uncle Wolf” Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine career, and also made the role of Logan an eternal classic. As the daughter of Uncle Wolf, X-23 also performed amazingly in the movie. The father-daughter relationship between her and Uncle Wolf made many fans cry, and after the movie ended, they attracted countless fans.

And after the X-Men returned to the MCU, the voices of letting the little wolf girl continue to play the role of X-23 rose one after another among fans, which also attracted the attention of Marvel president Kevin Feige. Finally, Fox Pictures, which has been subordinated to Disney not long ago, has found Keane again, hoping that she will star in X-23 again!

Keane herself confirmed the messages while promoting his latest season of Dark Materials on HBO, revealing:

“I met with the folks at Fox a while back and they told me there might be another contract to play Laura, although they mentioned it to me once when we were filming, but that was a long time ago, and then they I wasn’t contacted either, I was pleasantly surprised, I feel like we’re just getting started, there’s still a lot to do, it’s a relay race. When they’ve done pre-production and decided to make a movie, I’m in it, I’m anytime!”

As for Keane’s re-starring in X-23, many industry insiders analyzed that this is an important step for Marvel Studios to lead the X-Men, although as early as last year at SDCC Kevin Feige revealed that the X-Men is under development, But for fans who have been out for a long time, the 2-year wait made the promise at that time worthless. Fans continue to see more actions that can be seen with the naked eye, and the movie of Wolverine’s Daughter is obviously like this. .

At present, MCU’s “Spider-Man 3” has confirmed the introduction of “The Amazing 2” Electro-Man, which means that all Marvel movies in the past can be part of the MCU, and for the X-Men, Marvel is likely to become the Incorporate it in some form, so it’s a win-win ending for fans old and new.

Let’s look forward to the new MCU in the parallel universe!

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