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Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning
Other Name: 球状闪电

Genre: Novel, Science Fiction
Author: Liu Cixin
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The original novel “Ball Lightning” by the famous writer “Liu Cixin” is a sci-fi work, focusing on the stories around the protagonists Lin Yun and Ding Yi. Let’s follow the editor on the journey of studying ball lightning: in a violent On the night of the thunderstorm, a family of three was sitting around celebrating their son’s birthday.

It was originally a beautiful night, but a sudden ball of lightning turned the teenager’s parents to ashes. What’s even more bizarre is that the bench sitting under the parents was not damaged at all. Years later, when the boy grew up, he closed his childhood behind that door forever, left his hometown, and came to a city thousands of miles away to study at university…

Free Reading Highlights:

After the meeting, members of the special leading group and several technical leaders of the base stayed to discuss the preservation of the small number of macronuclei for research that Jiang wanted to keep. They agreed that these strings should be stored in underground air defense facilities in order to avoid the dangers created by air strikes and the like.

Colonel Xu also asked about the final destination of the ball lightning project team. General Du said: “I may have been too strict at the meeting just now. The outstanding achievements of this project team are obvious to all. Although the research on strings has been temporarily stopped, but Macroelectronics’ research can continue.”

“Chief, ordinary ball lightning weapons have fallen into desperation.” Colonel Xu smiled bitterly.

“How can it be so serious! Isn’t it just a defeat in the attack on the fleet? The fleet is the most stringent anti-counterfeiting target in modern warfare. But what about in land warfare? It’s impossible for each individual soldier to carry an electromagnetic shielding device, right? I see, it’s difficult to get a set for every tank and armored vehicle. Plus, there’s a lot of interest in pure dissipative ball lightning right now.”

“Pure dissipative type? Those are all useless waste.” Colonel Xu said inexplicably. The so-called pure dissipative type refers to those ball lightnings that do not release explosive energy at all. After they are excited, they only release their energy slowly in the form of ordinary electromagnetic radiation. They are considered the mildest and the least military use. A class of macro electronics.

“No, Colonel Xu. Have you noticed the electromagnetic radiation they release? Almost all of the communication bands are included, and the intensity is very high. At present, our army adopts a double-blind strategy in electronic warfare, and implements full-band blocking and interference to the enemy. , but the source of interference is very easy to locate and destroy, and pure dissipative ball lightning can be used as a source of interference, its biggest advantage is that it is difficult to destroy.”

“That’s it! When a purely dissipative lightning ball floats in the air, wireless communication in a large area is interrupted, and this ball lightning has a long life, and its energy release process can last up to two hours. .”

“And it’s not easy to be destroyed. We have tested it, and the ball lightning in flight is not affected by a shell.”

“Yeah, Chief, we should have come up with this idea before.”

“Colonel Xu, you came up with the idea. You have submitted a lot of technical reports, and you may not have noticed that one.”

Ding Yi said: “I know about this, that idea was proposed by Lin Yun.”

When it comes to Lin Yun, everyone is silent.

At this moment, gunshots came from the direction of the fusion point.

The fusion point is thousands of meters away from here, and the sound is very weak here. From the sudden alertness of the surrounding soldiers, Ding Yi knew that it was the sound of gunshots. Then it rang a few more times, more urgently. People in the conference room rushed outside and looked in the direction of the fusion point.

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