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A collection of websites to learn Japanese by yourself

Who misses Japan, raise your hand!! Have you ever thought that if the end of Covids? Which country would you like to travel to in the first place? I believe that many people would answer. “Japan!” because Japan is considered one of the most popular countries, both with good weather, delicious food, and going to nature or go shopping. But if you can’t go now, we want to invite everyone to come and do it by taking Japanese lessons. Going online through websites that offer free courses to study with you can make your trip to Japan more enjoyable. Or if someone is serious, they can increase their knowledge skills as a starting point for learning Japanese for making a living. Put it on a cool resume that you have Japanese ability.

1. NHK World Japan (

The website of the NHK radio station, the national radio station of Japan. Emphasis is on teaching Japanese for everyday communication that can be used in practice. Focuses on teaching essential conversations in an easy-to-understand manner through videos, audio explanations, and lesson sheets. There are a variety of lessons to choose from according to your interests. It was started to teach from reading letters. Easy to learn, fun to learn, and to study for free! every course as well

2. Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese ( )

One of the best and most complete Japanese language teaching websites. This is a compilation of video clips of Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese, a program dedicated to teaching Japanese for foreigners. Broadcast on NHK and NHK World channels from 2006 to 2011. You can learn Japanese conversation through video clips. And there are also exercises to practice, practice reading words, learning vocabulary. body language gestures and Japanese culture at the same time

3. LingoHut (

Japanese language learning website in your language and suitable for people who want to understand Japanese clearly. LingoHut will focus on teaching Japanese for conversation. Emphasis is on speaking and listening. not focusing on grammar for use in daily life Survive in Japan through easy-to-understand lessons with translation. If anyone wants to learn to speak, they can travel, ask for directions without getting lost, and buy things the way they want. We recommend you to come and study at LingoHut.

4. I love Japanese ( )

Anyone who wants to learn Japanese through video clips must not miss this website. It is a popular website that people who like the Japanese language come to study. because taught and explained by native Japanese teachers Teach from Japanese characters, patterns, Japanese grammar. The pronunciation of letters and words is available in courses ranging from general Japanese. to the serious tutoring of the Japanese language exam, Each course clearly states the language level. in order to choose a course that is suitable for himself Although there are both free and paid lessons. And not all free lessons are covered. But it still has content that is quite complete. Each clip has Japanese and Thai people to explain more. Plus, there’s a 7-day free trial that lets you take classes on paid clips.

5. Nihongo-e-na ( )

A Japanese language teaching website that looks cute and is easy to use, although there are explanations in English. Those who are not good at English, don’t worry. Because English explanations use simple words that don’t have to be English to be able to read and understand. The Japanese language lessons on this website are available from the basic level.

Teach kanji, hiragana, and katakana to advanced levels that can be taken to take the Japanese language proficiency test. There are options to choose to practice Japanese for all skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, and there is also a web app to load into your mobile phone. You can learn Japanese anytime, anywhere.

6. Kanji Koohii (

For those who want to study Kanji especially, you must not miss this website. Because it is both a website and a forum dedicated to solving doubts about kanji. There are also tips on how to learn kanji. Techniques for memorizing Kanji through stories Create flash cards to help memorize Kanji in your own way. There is a dictionary to find Japanese words and their meanings. as well as a system to create a personal account to track the results of their own learning as well There is also a forum where you can share your own Kanji learning techniques. Or you can read other people’s techniques as well.

7. Nihongoichiban ( )

Another Japanese language teaching website that provides complete Japanese language learning content including listening, speaking, reading, and writing with all skills as well as Japanese grammar lessons. Japanese Vocabulary and Idioms Lessons for taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) from N1 to N5 with free practice exercises. and games to make learning Japanese easier and more fun.

8. Tofugu ( )

Online Japanese language learning website that comes in cute graphics and colors by the young generation’s heart. Emphasis on teaching Japanese from the basics of the alphabet. Video clip teaching Japanese body language. including content about Japanese language and culture Through articles and youtube clips, the most prominent is that there is a Podcast to listen to while traveling or before bedtime. There are also interviews to get to know Japanese people’s thoughts and society better.

If anyone is not good at learning through the web If you want to learn Japanese online through an app based on the lifestyle of a mobile addict, I recommend you to download Wa-TransTJ (TLS LITE) to learn Japanese. In this app, there are lessons that focus on using Japanese in everyday life. Conversations that use real communication and a dictionary to search for words. ready to read aloud to practice pronouncing it correctly.

You can start learning Japanese easily and freely at home. If you find yourself enjoying it, you can go for it and take Japanese lessons seriously to add value to yourself. Because people who have gained a third language will have an advantage in finding a job.

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