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Suddenly Illness Comes One Night

Suddenly Illness Comes One Night – 忽如一夜病娇来

Guide: Bing Jiao wears the book, with a strong luck bonus, so she was originally a supporting actor with a miserable fate, but she killed the original heroine and brought all kinds of happiness to perfection. The female protagonist Yu Xiang, in reality and books, has been called this name for both her life, and both her lives are bad at doing.

In terms of plot, I thought it was wonderful, but in terms of romance… I couldn’t stand the disease, and I would get goose bumps if I was too straightforward.

The story is as the name suggests. She is sick and pierced in the book, with a strong luck bonus, so she was originally a supporting actor with a miserable fate, but she killed the original heroine and brought all kinds of happiness to perfection. The female protagonist Yu Xiang, in reality and books, has been called this name for both her life, and both her lives are bad at doing. In reality, he was born like this. Fortunately, there was a twin brother who grew up with her and didn’t distort the soul. But when my brother had a heart attack, my mother begged her to donate her heart and asked her to die so brightly. Is it really her mother… Yu Xiang agreed, not at the request of her mother.

It’s because of the love with my brother. Then the brother recovered and couldn’t save his sister, so he could only do his best to make up for her in the next life. So with the ritual of the ancient temple, Yu Xiang actually…wandered through the book by mistake. The monk did not expect this result, so he devoted all his cultivation and spiritual stones to escort her, which is shown in the book world. Good unbelievable luck, repeated dreams of foreknowledge, and planting any kind of flowers and plants that are difficult to grow can live…

Such a persona, although the initial state is really bad, but the rest is destined to be a refreshing plot all the way to the face. The original female protagonist turned into a vicious female partner and ended up miserably. The original plot was turned upside down, and the next emperor was replaced. There was a feeling of being ascended to heaven alone (covering his face).

The business girl and the Hou Mansion were born at the same time. As a result, the two met the thieves and took the wrong child to each other. The heroine was the business girl who was taken to the Hou Mansion. Naturally, she was not of the Hou Mansion bloodline and was not treated well. .

It’s just that she still has to occupy this position, otherwise the real Houfu daughter will not be able to gain a foothold in the upper circle. When Yu Xiang traveled, he just saved his brother Yu Pinyan by mistake, but he lost his legs. Because he knew the plot of the first two chapters and the original book setting, Yu Xiang immediately used the great kindness that saved his brother to improve himself.

Situation. First, expose her concubine Yu Siyu’s leech-like face, hug her brother’s thighs tightly, and then get rid of the diao slaves around her to improve the relationship with her grandmother. As for the mother, Lin, that kind of walking dead is forgotten. At this time, it is still a few years away from the return of the original heroine, that is, the woman of the Hou Mansion who was mistaken by the merchant.

Yu Xiang originally planned to give up her position as soon as the heroine came back, so saving money is very important (laughs), it is not good. Single women, or beautiful single women, it is too dangerous to walk alone, she has to plan carefully. But when she realized that the brother in the world in this book was similar from the inside out to her brother in reality, she wanted to stay and stay as her brother’s sister. This future plan was about to change. Before the original heroine came back, it was always Yu Xiang’s luck bonus, through all the obstacles, suppressing all kinds of ghosts, reaping all kinds of people’s hearts, and improving the fate of the people around him in the plots of the original books.

The biggest change was of course the prince, and by the way, the original heroine was unlucky (after that, it has been bad luck, is it because of Yu Xiang’s idea of ​​not wanting the heroine to come back (laughs)), and because of the change in the destiny of the prince, and The future of the elder brother, who is closely related to the status of the prince, is also bright and smooth.

However, the original heroine Yu Miaoqi returned to the Hou Mansion no matter how rough her fate was, and she was a considerable opponent. Her heart was cold and vicious, and she was definitely number one in the story. How can someone with such a personality become the heroine in the original book? Probably because she had always had a smooth journey in her original life, she didn’t trigger the vicious turning point?

But after all, this is a hidden danger in personality. No matter how well you usually perform, once your selfish and vicious nature is exposed, it will be doomed to betray your relatives and have no good end. Before Yu Miaoqi came back, the family of the wealthy Shen family who adopted her was destroyed. So when she came back, her grandmother and elder brother were very wary of her, and she really “lived up to the expectations”.

In order to drive away Yu Xiang, she soon joined her mother Lin. Being a demon, and then repeatedly being slapped in the face… But this one has also been defeated and fought again and again. In Yu Xiang’s words, people are shameless and invincible. Different from Yu Xiang’s lucky bonus, Yu Miaoqi is simply a bad luck maker. Wherever he goes, the people are unlucky, and the Hou Mansion has also been implicated a lot by her. In contrast, although Yu Xiang’s character is domineering, but because of his original kindness and straightforward words and deeds, he always gains luck. I have to say that the face-slapped plot is very cool (laughs).

Yu Xiang didn’t want to expose her identity, because she had always wanted to be the sister of her brother Yu Pinyan, but Yu Pinyan was emotional first, so he was destined to arrange her to restore her original identity. At this time, Yu Xiang met the nine princesses when he was young, and got the empress blue eyes. Later, he rescued the crown princess by accident and was awarded the title of Sinong Township, and he also had a grade.

Although his elder brother Shen Yuanqi was harmed by Yu Miaoqi, he finally came out after a lot of hardship and won the champion and was reused by the emperor. Moreover, he wanted to find his sister, and he didn’t care much about things outside his body such as fame and fortune. Had it not been for Yu Pinyan’s repeated threats, he would have sought out Yongle Houfu.

Therefore, even if Yu Xiang left the Hou Mansion at this time, he could live very well, with family care, material support, and power protection. In just a few years, Yu Xiang’s situation has undergone earth-shaking changes, which is really incredible for the heroine. Lucky bonus (laugh). At this time, the only problem she has to face is her feelings for her elder brother, from family affection to love… In fact, even if she is not a brother and sister, getting along for a long time will hinder the budding of love due to the generation of family affection. Mouth, there is a sense of incest, this is the truth.

But these brothers and sisters…Should I say that Bingjiao is not an ordinary person, can’t I justify it as usual? In short, this change was too fast, and it made people uncomfortable quickly. Probably because of this not very good beginning, the romance in this story has always made me feel like goose bumps…

After the emotions spread, the story gradually moves towards the final climax. Yu Pinyan was on the go, and all the princes in the courtroom attacked the prince more violently because of the battle. Then there was a game against the power of the prince, which was dreamed by Yu Xiang ahead of time… So the prince and the emperor made plans together. On the face of it, the prince was unlucky, but in fact, the emperor has been observing who is actually there.

Ill-intentioned. After all, it is not impossible for the princes to compete with each other, but it is too bad for the collaborators and treason to send their own country’s army and city to the door, just to kill Yu Pinyan who went on the expedition, and then to inflict the prince on the prince. At this time, Yu Xiang’s legs were treated by the genius doctor (monk) and he was able to stand up, and he left the Hou Mansion and returned to the Shen family.

Later, because of his dream, he ran to save his brother. This finally reversed the situation of Yu Pinyan. The fate of being conspired to death by Yu Miaoqi in the book. After that, Yu Pinyan returned triumphantly, and the court began to close the net. The four princes were defeated, and the prince’s status was unshakable. Yu Miaoqi, who had teamed up with the four princes in private, was finally exiled with his mother Lin. Not being cut is the grandmother thinking of the last bit of affection and begging the empress, but maybe this is a more painful fate for Yu Miaoqi, after all, how high her expectations are, the fall will be multiple.

Before she could Still dreaming of a queen dream (although this is the ending of the original book, but what Yu Miaoqi has done now is really worthy of the crime). Yu Xiang obtained the forgiveness of his grandmother and no longer regarded the two as incest to hinder them, and the result was their wedding. On the wedding night, Yu Xiang was really not ashamed at all (laughs).

The character of the heroine Yu (Shen) Xiang is just like the title-Bing Jiao. In various plots of slaps on the face of a female partner, this kind of character has a refreshing bonus, which is very exciting and very enjoyable to watch.

But when it comes to romance, it’s a bit too unreserved, and it makes people uncomfortable to go too far. Fortunately, there are not many positive romantic dramas. Most of the time, it is more acceptable to wear the cloak of brother-sister relationship. After the male protagonist Yu Pinyan lost his father in his youth, he went through an arduous struggle to win the title.

Although the third uncle’s family was finally defeated, he justified his father’s Marquis of Yongle, but he also suffered and tasted everything. The personality is cold and warm, so the personality is cold and hard, in fact, it is a fight with Yu Miaoqi. The difference is that Yu Pinyan has a bottom line, and the people who provoke him, he is merciless, and treats his cherished family members, but he is very protective of shortcomings. It is the concubine Yu Siyu who doesn’t like so much.

As long as she is not as hopeless as Yu Miaoqi, He is still willing to protect. What’s more, he showed a completely different gentle side to his grandmother and Yu Xiang. In contrast, Yu Miaoqi seemed so cold and selfish towards Lin, the only mother in the family who cared about her. She was always affectionate, and she didn’t hesitate to push her mother out to commit crimes when in trouble. It was really cold to see.

The whole story has a smooth plot. Except for the romance part, which can’t stand the disease, the rest of the plot is very cool. However, I can count on finding my thunderbolt since then, and I will probably only read this one of the novels by the heroine.

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