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What is GED test and system?

GED is a system calibration in the United States for passing a high school exam and can say as a non-formal education program at the university level. There are 4 exams including Language Arts or RLA, Science, Social Studies, Math. If you pass all of them, you can apply for a GED exam at a university. The test takers must be aged 16 years or over.

By the fee is $60 per course (subject) of the examination table GED in the year 2021. It the interesting that you can be applied to all packages. For who are interesting in Doctor Faculty must find out more information about acceptance in this test.

How to apply for the GED exam

Applying for the GED exam is done online. By going directly to the GED website by selecting the “Sign up” menu to enter the email and password that we will need to log in every time. Once completed, it will enter the process of filling in general information such as belief-surname, date of birth, etc., which the name-surname and date of birth must match all passports.

This step is very important because, on the day of the actual test, the candidate must bring the original passport to show up to the staff at the test center every time if there is any discrepancy with the information in the system that was filled in when applying for the test. It will not be able to take the exam, sure enough, and when filling out other information until complete.

Anyone under the age of 18 is required to download a Parental Consent Form for the GED test. Candidates and their parents are required to sign the document. And scan the document and send it to GED via e-mail, which in the system will already tell you which e-mail to send to. After waiting about 1-2 business days, there will be a notification that the documents are complete.

Therefore, you can apply for the exam for each subject. However, in the case that the candidates are 18 years of age or older, they can apply for the exam without having to sign a parent or guardian. (In the event that the age is not yet 16 years old, after filling in the date of birth, the system will not be able to fill in any information in the next step until the age of 16 years and then can come in and fill out the information normally).

How is each GED exam like?

Many people would like to know what kind of GED test each subject will be. How does it look? Today we have gathered the information for everyone to know how difficult each subject is.

1. GED Mathematical Reasoning

GED Mathematics Exam The focus is on Algebra and Quantitative Problem Solving, giving you 115 minutes to complete the exam and a short break. The exam is divided into 2 parts. The main parts can be used with a calculator in the second part. And the exam will have both multiple choice and fill-in answers by dragging the information to fill in the blanks.

2. GED Language Arts (Writing and Reading)

The exam focuses on reading and writing skills in English. Allow 150 minutes to complete the exam, with a 10-minute break between the end of Part 2 and going to the final part of the essay writing part. This will give 45 minutes for the part other than the exam. write There will be both multiple-choice and fill-in-answer forms by dragging the data to fill in the blanks just like mathematics.

Direct Writing Assignment Expository Essay:

  • Assigned prompt
  • Generate, organize, connect, and express ideas
  • No required word count
  • 37% to 40% of score for Language Arts, Writing Test

3. GED Social Studies

This social exam may be a subject that many people are very worried about. Because if not students studying in the American system really feel that the content of this course is quite far away. especially the vocabulary. The exam requires reading and writing skills in social studies. Applying the concept of social studies and mathematical reasoning in social studies. The exam will be multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. You can use a calculator. You have 70 minutes to do the exam. Do it for a long time.

4. GED Science

Science exam It is an exam that focuses on reading and writing in a scientific way. use of scientific concepts mathematical reasoning in science. There are 90 minutes to complete the exam, no breaks. Social The exams are multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank methods. You can use a calculator.

From all 4 exams, we can see that each subject requires specific skills and knowledge for each subject. Many people are very worried that they will not be able to take the exam because they are weak in English. In fact, passing the GED exam in all subjects does not require all English language skills. We only use some skills. Even the group of words is specific to each course.

How many points do you get to pass the exam?

To pass the GED exam, the details are as follows:

  • Every subject has a scale from 100 to 200 points, each subject must not be less than 145 points to be considered passing and obtaining the GED Diploma and Transcript. These two documents must be requested in the system after passing the exam. Otherwise, no documents will be sent.
  • In addition to having to pass the exam with a score of 145 or more per subject. Some universities have increased the minimum criteria, such as International Colleges. This will be depend on university accept.

How are GED and IGCSE the same or different?

Still causing trouble for many not many people. For anyone who is choosing which qualifications to compare with today. We are going to separate into parts that GED and IGCSE are the same or different.

Country CourseAmericaEngland
Subjects for tested4 subjects: Language Arts, Science,
Social Studies and Math
At least 5 subjects + 3 A-Level subjects.
Information1. Examinations are held every day and several sessions to choose from. You can know immediately after the exam is over.
2. This can gradually pass the exam as a course and freely choose the subjects for the exam before and after.
It depends on the readiness of each person that they are ready to take the exam first.
3. To apply for the exam online and pay via credit/debit card that can be paid online.
You can change the exam date which must be changed at least 24 hours in advance of the exam time.
4. Price is $80 per course
(same price for all subjects).
5. Direct from America home delivery
with Post or Fed Ex, whichever service we choose.
1. The exam is held twice a year, from May-June. and October-November.
2. Wait about 2 months for results
3. Must take the exam according to the schedule set by the examination center only.
4. Apply for the exam at some international schools that are open to external applicants.
5. Payment via credit/debit card
6. There will be a fine if the application is later than the deadline for applying.
7. Examination schedule cannot be changed because each course has a clear examination schedule.
8. Everyone must take the exam according to the specified schedule only.
9. Price is not equal in each subject.
10. In the case of applying for the exam at any international school, you can take the exam at that school right away.
11. Contact to pick up in person at the examination center.

Note: *** The analogy to IGCSE focuses only on the case of applying for the exam on your own, independent of studying in an international school.

As you can see, the GED and IGCSE exams have different formats/methods. It seems that the GED exam is more flexible than the system. The system is more convenient than the IGCSE, as you can see from the rules and conditions know the results quickly. This is the key to making choosing the GED exam faster. Examination venues are sufficient to accommodate candidates who may not be only in your country. The cost of the exam was at a very low level. However, as the courses take for these two comparative qualifications each have their own strengths. Which must depend on the preferences and convenience of each person.

How to apply for the GED exam?

There are three parts to registering for the GED test: creating a test-registration account, registering for the GED Ready test, and registering for the GED live test. which has the following methods:

1. Go to and look at the top menu. If you already have an account, please log in to the system. But if you don’t have an account yet, click on “SIGN UP”.

2. Enter your email information and set a password. This information will be used to log in every time after we have an account. Then click on “SIGN UP”

Note: Password must be at least 8 characters which must consist of letters, numbers and symbols. The password that we set must not be the same as the email we use to log in.

3. Fill in personal information such as name, surname, and date of birth. Such information must match all letters of the passport. And another part of the information that must be filled in is the address.

4. Click on “Yes, I agree the policies”, which is your acceptance of the terms of GED.

5. Fill in the phone number And to receive news from GED, click on “Yes! Email me news and discounts from MyGED” which we recommend you to click on it. Because we will be updating the news all the time, free of charge, then click “Continue”

6. Select the country for the GED test, here we choose Thailand, then click “Continue”.

7. Answer questions about preparing for the exam Whether you are interested in preparing through GED services or want to prepare for the exam yourself, then click “Continue”.

8. Click “Yes, I have a documented disability” if you are disabled or have a disability with medical documentation, and click “No” if you are not in the category. Then click “Continue”

9. The system will display the home page of our account as shown in the picture, which is considered the account creation process has been completed.

But because before we can apply for the GED exam in the real exam field You will need to apply for and pass the GED Ready test first. The process for applying for the GED Ready exam is as follows:

  • Click on the word “Study” which is the top menu.
  • Click on the word “Practice”.
  • Choose whether you want to apply for GED for 1 subject or want to apply and pay in a 4-subject package, which we can gradually take the exam one at a time within 3 months. If we choose to apply and pay in a 4-subject package, skip it. You can go to step 5, but if you want to apply and pay for 1 course, follow the usual steps.
  • In case of applying and paying for 1 course, select the desired course, then click “Continue”.
  • Verify the accuracy of the information, then click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT ”, then fill out the information for payment, click on the words “Use my contact information for my billing address” and “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT INFORMATION” respectively.
  • Fill in your credit card information. and address information for delivery of the invoice, then click “Yes, I agree to the statement below” and click “PLACE YOUR ORDER”, and you can now begin taking the GED Ready test.

After passing the GED Ready test, you will go through the process of applying for the GED test to take the real exam. The procedure for applying for the examination is as follows:

  1. Log in to the GED system with the email and password that we have set. Then select the course that you want to apply for the exam and click “SCHEDULE TEST”.
  2. Click on “Continue Scheduling”, then select the course you want to apply for the exam again and click “NEXT”.
  3. Enter the process of searching for the exam site. The system will sort the exam location from the point closest to us. based on the address information we have previously entered Let us click the word “SEARCH”, then the system will show a list of exam fields to choose from. Once selected, click “NEXT”.
  4. Select the date and time you want to take the exam.
  5. Check whether the exam venue, subjects, and exam dates and times are correct or not. If correct, click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.
  6. Click “ACCEPT” to accept the terms.
  7. final step is to enter credit card information to pay for the exam which when completed A confirmation email will also be sent to confirm your application.

Popular questions GED

At what age can I take the GED test?

To take the GED test, you must be 16 years of age and must send a Parental Consent form, a parental consent form, to GED by email prior to taking the test. These documents will be available for download after we have created an account for the exam. Except for those aged 18 years and over, there is no procedure for submitting such documents.

If you fail the exam Can I retake the exam?

In case of failing the GED exam in any subject. You can apply for the exam immediately 3 times in the same course. If you fail the exam for the 4th time in the same course If the exam is not passed again, the exam will be delayed for another 60 days as before. The passing criterion is 145 points out of 200 total points.

How many years are GED test scores kept?

As GED is a qualification, GED test scores have no expiration date. It is like a grade or grade that we get from a normal school system. which after we passed the exam The documents we will receive will be divided into two parts, the Diploma of Graduation (Diploma) and the Transcript which will contain both total and individual grades.

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