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Vacation route planning in Nanjing (China) and around

Vacation route planning in Nanjing and around

Day 1: Nanjing ~ Yibin Airport ~ Zhuhai Xanadu Resort Hotel in Changning County (accommodation, dinner, hot spring)

Day 2: Zhuhai Xanadu Resort (Breakfast)~Yongjiang Village~Half-step Restaurant (Lunch)~Shunan Bamboo Sea Museum~Moxi Cableway~Guanhailou~Emerald Corridor~Wangyou Valley~Zhufuyuan (dinner)~ Yongjiang Village Fushengxian B&B (Accommodation)

Day 3: Fushengxian B&B (Breakfast)~Guanyuntai~Haizhonghai~Junyue Villa (lunch, rest)~Huaxi 13 Bridge~Panda House~Zhu’an Yinsuo (dinner, accommodation)

Travel notices:

1. The famous scenic spots in Shunan Zhuhai Tourist Resort are all on the top of the mountain. When traveling in winter, keep warm.

2. “Full Bamboo Banquet” is a local specialty. There are more than 100 dishes, which need to be booked in advance.

3. Shunan Zhuhai Tourist Resort is 70 kilometers away from Wuliangye Airport, and it takes about an hour to drive by car. By train, you can choose to get off at Changning Station and take a taxi.

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