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How do I go to Zhangjiajie (China) for four days and three nights? Give you a travel guide to Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie mainly looks at natural scenery, and many scenic spots are also beautiful. For the first time to play in Zhangjiajie, you can refer to the following itinerary.

Day 1: Tianmen Mountain

Take the train to Zhangjiajie. When you leave the station, you will find Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is near the railway station. There are many hotels, homestays, and restaurants near Zhangjiajie Railway Station. It is recommended to stay near the railway station for one night and go the next morning. Tianmen Mountain to play.

The most famous scenic spots of Tianmen Mountain are Tianmen Cave and the glass plank road. Tianmen Cave is the iconic natural landscape of Tianmen Mountain. You can see the Tianmen Cave by taking the cableway up the mountain. The glass plank road, due to the spread of the Internet in recent years, the glass plank road has become A travel internet celebrity check-in place.

Day 2: Grand Canyon-Xibu Street

The next morning, you can take a bus near Zhangjiajie Railway Station to Wulingyuan Coach Terminal. Wulingyuan Coach Terminal is closer to the Forest Park, and there are many B&Bs, hotels, and restaurants nearby. It is recommended to stay near Wulingyuan Coach Terminal.

After staying at the hotel, put down your luggage, you can charter a car to the Grand Canyon, of course, you can also take a day trip or half-day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a 4A-level scenic spot, the most famous is the glass bridge. Of course, the Grand Canyon is full of waterfalls and springs, with lush vegetation and fresh air. It is a very good tourist place.

In the evening, you can go to Xibu Street. I live near Wulingyuan Passenger Transport Station.

Xibu Street is a compound tourist and commercial pedestrian street that integrates a bar street, a specialty snack street, and a folk-custom shopping boutique street. There are so many things to go shopping.

You can visit Wulingyuan Forest Park in Zhangjiajie on the third and fourth days

The ticket for the Forest Park is more than 200 yuan, but its ticket time limit is four days, which means you can enter Wulingyuan Forest Park for 4 days with the ticket. This is one of my favorite attractions because of its high cost performance and the inside Each attraction has its own characteristics.

The scenic area of ​​the Forest Park is very large. There are eco-friendly cars and ropeways for riding. I met some friends who love climbing and walked up and down the mountain by their own feet. They said it felt very good. Wulingyuan Forest Park is very suitable for mountain climbing enthusiasts. It can satisfy the mountain climbing enthusiasts’ hobby of exercising and absorbing oxygen in nature.

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