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Coding and education in the 21st century

We are now about to enter the more dynamic Fourth Industrial Revolution. And more serious than ever. Emerging technologies will drive this shift, such as artificial intelligence. Medical technology, robotics, quantum computing, big data, blockchain, these emerging technologies are disrupting industries that will transform the way we work. and the way of life of humans in this century inevitably.

In addition to business organizations must compete with each other in services and products. Still need to change the form of production to be more automated. Work in the future therefore requires higher skilled workers. by having the ability to perform complex tasks can choose to use knowledge from existing data and effectively apply knowledge in both professional and and living

Having Digital Competence is therefore essential to empower Thai people with skills. and understanding to enter this industrial revolution This digital competence includes data management. working together communication and exchange of information Creativity, Problem Solving, Ethics and Responsibility as well as Coding Litoracy, which is a skill that gives us an understanding of coding and coding, the language used to communicate between humans and computers.

Coding also allows humans to communicate solutions in a logical, structured and systematic way. When looking at education, children today grow up in the age of rapid technological change. It is therefore a challenge for teachers and educators to help guide them. or participate in planning Children’s futures are able to adapt in an ever-changing environment.

In the past, people might think that learning to code is good for technology enthusiasts. And spend time with computers, but in today’s world, when children Gen Y (Millium era) and Gen Z (digital native era) have spent time and are in an environment where devices are controlled by computers Should have gained a basic understanding of coding. to know how computer programs work And he can improve his coding skills. to develop their own software or applications Being just a software user might not be enough for today’s students. Providing students with opportunities to learn to program not only gives them more options for their future careers. but also teach them how to think like Steve Job said

During the last 4-5 years, many countries around the world have realized the importance of teaching coding. and specifies that teaching coding is a compulsory subject in elementary school The United Kingdom started in 2014, Funland and South Korea started the same year as Thailand, which was in 2013. 2018 for Thailand, learning coding will be in the technology subject. (computational science) which consists of knowledge in 3 areas: computer science Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy skills by computer science knowledge.

There will be content about solving programming or coding problems. and computational thinking skills, which are problem-solving skills that are consistent with the approach to problem-solving with computer programming. This skill can be applied to solve problems in daily life. Not only in computer programming, for example, to capture the point or essence of a problem. Division of work into smaller tasks, sequencing workflows. These are all the same processes that programmers analyze problems. Isolate the problem subsets and write out the sequence of the program.

Therefore, in response to technology changes And the usage behavior of youths in this era has to develop curriculum and teaching to keep up with the times. Educational institutions must manage learning to suit the learning experience of each group of students so that students can access content or lessons anytime, anywhere. especially Teaching coding in schools opens up new worlds through existing tools or equipment.

Teaching coding will not only inspire students to learn about their future careers. It also builds planning skills. Problem-solving in a systematic and step-by-step manner Encourage the use of logic in problem solving. Create people to have a thought process and keep up with technology changes. This is an essential skill for preparing citizens for the coming digital economy.

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