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6 behaviors you should start and stop, For good health and youthful appearance

Especially the reduction of body movement focusing on one thing for a long time Including neglecting small but extremely important activities. For this reason, Life and Wealth will introduce 6 behaviors to do and avoid to keep you healthy, strong, and most importantly, keep you bright. Not shabby.

DON’T: Shopping for vitamins, take it yourself according to the trend

Nowadays, new generations are increasingly interested in health care. Buying vitamins is another way to take care of your health. promote the functioning of the body It also helps to take care of your skin as well. But sometimes buying vitamins or taking them can have a negative effect on the body. If eaten in the wrong way or in large quantities and may adversely affect the excretory system in the body such as liver and kidneys, therefore, taking the correct vitamins should consult a specialist. to get advice on which vitamins or minerals and in what form are best for you.

Especially nowadays with modern technology making it possible to check the condition of the body measure vitamin levels Antioxidants and various minerals, including detailed measurements of hormone levels for personal care and solutions Then when you know what your body is lacking The doctor was able to prepare the appropriate vitamins for the patient.

DON’T: Think sunscreen is not important during WFH.

To prevent the skin from deteriorating Most people will focus on maintenance and skincare, such as using skin care products that are suitable for their skin type. Mask with non-alcoholic products. Scrub the skin to cleanse the dirt, eat or add vitamins that are useful to the body. Including refraining from makeup or thin makeup when wearing a mask.

But another important thing and many people neglect that is applying sunscreen that even inside the house But sunscreen is still an important thing that should not be ignored because UV rays can still pass through our homes even if it is dark. In addition to helping to protect the skin It also reduces the chance of skin cancer as well. as the saying goes.

“I forgot to apply some nourishing products. But don’t forget to apply sunscreen.”

DO: Pay attention to nutrients to boost your immune system.

During this time, many of you are probably already vaccinated against COVID-19, but in this situation the vaccine may not be enough. Taking care of your health and building a strong immune system are equally important. Which will help strengthen the immune system for our body, that is, vitamins and vitamins that have been recognized to help increase the immune system for the body, including:

  • Vitamin C increases antioxidant levels. Stimulate the production and strengthen the function of white blood cells. It is found abundantly in gooseberry, kiwi, orange and kale.
  • Vitamin D enhances the functioning of the immune system and reduces inflammation of the tissues of various systems, including the respiratory system. It is found in tilapia, pomegranate fish, salmon, egg yolks and mushrooms.
  • Zinc enhances the function of white blood cells in the process of destroying pathogens to work well. In addition, it inhibits the growth of pathogens as well. It is found in seafood, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, grains.
  • Other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Selenium, Alpha lipoic acid and N-acethyl cysteine reduce the body’s damage from free radicals.

DO: get up, walk, move, prevent cancer and blood clots

Sitting for just 30 minutes can reduce the efficiency of the body’s metabolism by up to 90% and also slow down the activity of enzymes that help break down bad fats in the body. Raise the risk of cancer, diabetes, and blood clots as well. Therefore, if you get up from your desk or sofa to relax and change your posture sometimes

In addition, for WFH who have to sit at a desk to work on a computer. Should find the right equipment to deal with the working posture to be ergonomic or Ergonomic, at present, there are many products that are made to meet the needs. There are many to choose from. whether it is a foot stand Wrist pads, mouse, or work chair.

DON’T: Ignoring daily stress because I think it will disappear

Working all day because of WFH or working non-stop In addition to causing stress May to affect various mental health symptoms such as Burnout or Depression. It also results in us not getting enough rest. which is part of the cause of many health problems It also has a detrimental effect on the skin. can induce some types of skin rashes If accumulated for a long time Makes the skin unhealthy and has more wrinkles as well.

Therefore, the work of WFH should clearly divide the time frame of work and rest. We can deal with stress on our own, such as exercising. Do your favorite hobbies and practice meditation to relieve stress or may use a helper as an application for time management. At present, there are many applications that have AI systems to study our work behavior and recommend suitable break times for you.

DON’T: Neglecting to plan for coping when sick

Health care reduces the chances of getting sick. However, sometimes we may be unavoidable and need to be treated for those terrible diseases. Planning to deal with it early is essential. especially in terms of cost planning Such as buying life insurance and health products that will make you not have to worry about the costs that will occur. In addition, during the end of the year like this Called as the last curve for payroll tax management planning. These insurance are the most popular tax management tools ever. It can be said that there are 2 benefits to it.

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