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19 Psychology to understand your fellow human beings

If you think that psychology is boring to understand the processes of the mind. thought process And behavior caused by chemicals in the human brain are boring. We would like you to look at it from another angle. the angle that shows Learning some psychology can help you understand how one person’s behavior, reaction, or emotional expression to a particular event is understood.

By understanding this basic behavior, a number of interesting studies and reports have been published, and Tonkit 360 summarizes 19 interesting facts that could be applied in your daily life.

  1. People who laugh all the time Even when we don’t think it’s funny, the person is deeply feeling alone.
  2. People who spend too much time sleeping. Notice if he is sad or not.
  3. A person who speaks little, but when he has the opportunity to speak, he will speak quickly to finish off, indicating that the person has a secret to hide.
  4. Someone who likes tell yourself Stubborn and rarely cry, but actually he is the weakest.
  5. People who eat less or eat too much. They may be under stress.
  6. People who are sensitive about everything or shed tears on the smallest things. They may be naive or have a heart that is too fragile.
  7. A person who is furious about everything, even the smallest things, is because they need love.
  8. The body language of the person who is lying to you will not dare to make eye contact. You directly but avoid by looking up or down.
  9. Believe it or not, people who bring good things into your life and make you strong in every situation. Those people are your weakness.
  10. You will be happier. After you have faced your inner fear
  11. A survey shows that your chances of a divorce are reduced by 70 percent if the married couple has been friends before. Your personality will subconsciously change based on your connection with that language.
  12. You will be more creative. When you are under pressure or have to try to resolve an immediate situation
  13. People who volunteer to help others or participate in public activities. Will be happier than those who do nothing or do not pay attention to those around them.
  14. The law of attraction that people with similar ideas or behaviors are the same. Often attracted to groups together.
  15. Believe it or not, the stress and pressure that occurs in our lives often come from thinking too much. even though the problem has not yet arisen
  16. Spend time or be with friends who enjoy normal life. It will make you live a happier life
  17. More than 68 percent of people are reported to have Phamtom Vibration Syndrome even when your phone is not vibrating. With such symptoms because you use too many telephone
  18. The study found that phobias, called Phobias are caused by inherited memory. from your ancestors
  19. People will reveal the truth more if the conversation takes place late at night. Just as people tend to confess the truth when they feel really tired.

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