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“Omicron” Covid mutants that you need to know

It’s a trend that makes people panic a lot with the new covid virus whose species name is “Omicron”. This omicron is a COVID-19 mutant. This is the fifth new species according to the WHO report or the World Health Organization.

Omicron has a species name B.1.1.529. Found for the first time in South Africa. This strain has increased the number of infected people to rise quickly. In general, if infected with this usually there are no different symptoms or more prominent. As for signs of infection of the species clearly, such as:

  1. have muscle aches
  2. have a cough
  3. Fatigue 1-2 days
  4. Some people have a fever

But there will be no problems with taste or smell. The violence against health. This is still unable to draw a clear conclusion.

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