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“Luoyang” What delicacies have Baili Hongyi eaten

“Wind from Luoyang” Baili Hongyi’s restaurant food record, follow the ancient Luoyang gourmets, eat all over the world~ Which kind of delicacy can get the first glutton of God, Baili Erlang-“Shang Ke”, “Very Good” and “Top Grade” “What about the evaluation~

Mutton soup (acceptable)——

Erlang also drank lamb soup with coriander. Seeing that there were pepper dishes, salt dishes and coriander dishes on his table. The coriander of the Tang Dynasty was called cilantro (it seems to be called this in many places now).

Eat ice cream (acceptable)——

In fact, it is almost the same as the current Wang Baosang. The cheese in the Tang Dynasty is dairy products, including cow cheese, goat cheese, horse cheese and yogurt. When eating, put in dried fruits, almonds and peach kernels and other nuts, and then top with a spoonful of glutinous rice (maltose) or sugarcane pulp.

In the Tang Dynasty, Xuanzang brought back sugar technology from the Western Regions, but Wu Zhou was not mature enough, so there was no sugar to eat. Only use glutinous rice or sugarcane pulp to increase the sweetness.

You can also use fresh fruits directly, such as cherries, grapes, peaches, plums and apricots in the Tang Dynasty. Fresh fruits are topped with cheese and sugarcane pulp, which is a famous fruit cheese in the Tang Dynasty.

Luoyang water mat (very good)——

The legend is related to Wu Zetian. The 24 dishes on the water table in Luoyang indicate that Wu Zetian can only be in power for 24 years, and Wu Zetian has been in power for 24 years from the beginning of the rule of the court to the death of illness in the Shenlong reign.

Sashimi (acceptable)—

In the Tang Dynasty, eating sashimi was popular, and it was called “sliced ​​meat”.

The sliced ​​sashimi is well sliced. It is the celebrity chef who is rushing to invite the dignitaries. The one who slices the sashimi is not sure if it is Baili Hongyi. He should only be able to taste it.

However, probably all the delicacies in the city of Luoyang, the god city, must have a prefix evaluated by Baili Erlang, which hides merits and names~

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