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What are the causes of headaches and eye pain?

Headaches are a common symptom. in both children and adults It can be caused by many reasons, some of which are life-threatening. But some reasons are just annoying. And sometimes the cause can’t be found.

There are many reasons that cause headaches. They are divided into large groups as follows:

Muscle strain

  • Migraine
  • Diseases of the brain, eyes, ears, nasal cavity and teeth
  • muscle strain

This cause of headache is often found. Patients will have headaches from the tension of the muscles in the neck and occipital region. The pain often has no fixed location. Often pains to the temples and forehead or eyeballs. This type of pain may be caused by stress at work, lying in the wrong position, lying down on a pillow, etc.

Headaches from strained muscles related to the eyes. is eye pain after detailed work Or have to use the eyes, such as handicrafts or reading small books for a long time, they will have pain in the eyes. And may crack the neck can cause occurred eye muscle fatigue. or eye muscles The work on focusing is not strong is not good at focusing.


Migraines are described as pressure or pain behind the eyes. They’re considered worse than regular headaches because they can cause pain lasting hours to days at a time. Migraine pain can become so severe that it may affect your quality of life.

Migraines are often one-sided headaches followed by nausea, vomiting, irritability You may see a blur for a moment. or seeing flashes of light or lightning with a headache. They may also have a family history of diseases such as diseases of the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and teeth, such as brain hypertension, such as brain tumors. meningitis or hemorrhage in the lining of the brain in cases of sinus accident, otitis media, tooth decay. Here, only eye-related headaches are mentioned.

Eye muscles

Eye muscle fatigue is a headache and eye pain that occurs when doing work that requires close eyesight. In detailed work, these people can’t work with the near vision for a long time because the muscles of the eye that are used to see near. Or concentrating in a nearby place is not strong enough. Simply put, the focus is not good enough. Patients will have eye pain, headache may have pain in the eye cylinder, and rupture to the occipital region. Sometimes I get dizzy when I read a book. or work that requires eyesight in close range This condition is often seen in children or teenagers who have been sleeping deprived for a long time. or playing video games for a long time Another group that can be found. The group who is 40 years old needs to use near-sighting glasses, namely long glasses or old people’s glasses to help.


In case of eye strain from eye muscle strain Should see an ophthalmologist first. to see if there are any eye problems. If there are, it should be corrected. by wearing the correct size glasses People who are in their 40s may need to wear glasses for a closer look. or long-sighted glasses to help.

In the case of normal eyesight or fixing eye problems and still have headaches or eyestrain again, should practice focusing on the muscles. which can be easily done by yourself Hold the pen or pencil at arm’s length and focus on the tip of the pen or pencil.

Slowly bring the pen or pencil towards you. At the same time, constantly staring at the tip of a pen or pencil. You must clearly see the tip of the pen or pencil. and is the only image all the time or unable to focus and having to stretch out his arms until you see a new clear picture and then start focusing again gradually Bring a pen or pencil closer to you. Do this 10-15 times, 3-5 times a day.

In the case of difficult self-training May come to practice with an eye muscle trainer. (Synoptophore) by this machine will help to make the initial training easier. or in very tired cases It will give faster results than doing it yourself at home.

Should read a book or work that is detailed or requires eyesight in the have good lighting And there should be some breaks between work.

Children should sleep early. and get enough rest because there are many children People who are sleep deprived and have a headache in the afternoon from insufficient rest

Irregular vision, abnormal

vision, these people often have a mild headache. but in case the two eyes are not equal or those with very astigmatism They can cause headaches and eye strain. These treatments require a visual examination and corrective action using glasses.

Acute glaucoma

Patients often have headaches, eye pain, blurred vision, headaches are often severe. And taking painkillers did not go away. Eyes may be red, irritated, and watery eyes. It was found that intraocular pressure was very high. This disease should urgently see an ophthalmologist. and must be treated promptly Otherwise, intraocular pressure will depress the optic nerve. And if left for a long time, it can be pressed until blind.


Headaches are a common symptom. and is available to everyone and at any age. The causes are various, most of them are harmless and can be easily recovered by taking painkillers. But some types of headaches can be harmful to the eyes. Or sometimes it can be fatal to death.

Therefore, when having a headache in conjunction with one of these symptoms or many things, such as fever, stiff neck, blurred vision, mood, and behavior changes. I had a severe headache until I woke up. Have nausea and vomiting, etc. These symptoms should seek medical attention for proper treatment. and correct it in a timely manner If it’s about the eyes or eyesight. An ophthalmologist can also help determine eye-related causes or send a doctor to consult a specialist in each branch as appropriate.

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