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Xiao Yun, the Dragon Lord of the North

Xiao Yun, the Dragon Lord of the North
Other Name: 北境龙主萧云

Genre: Novel, Science Fiction
Author: Blind typing
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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An urban hot-blooded book that tells the story of the hero and heroine Xiao Yun and Jiang Yiran. The title of the book is “Northern Dragon Lord Xiao Yun”, formerly known as “The Return of the Dragon”, a high-quality male video written by the Internet writer “Blind Typing”. The novel tells a story about hatred and love. The story is brief: Seven years ago, the entire Xiao family was wiped out. Xiao Yun survived by chance and survived.

Later, by accident, he embarked on a battlefield that changed his destiny. On the battlefield, bloody and bloody, he fought bloody for seven years, and finally achieved his supreme position as the Dragon Lord of the Northern Territory. In order to find out the truth about the destruction of the family, Xiao Yun took off his glory and returned to the city with thousands of powers. When he comes back again, no matter how powerful the enemies are in the past, he will let them have nowhere to hide, and pay the debt with blood!

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“Also, I hope that you will not be so impulsive in doing things in the future. In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem…”

Xiao Yun said coldly, “He Yuanshi, just take care of yourself, I don’t need your guidance.”

After speaking, Xiao Yun ignored He Yuanshi and stepped into the door of the He family.

He Yuanshidai frowned, looked at Xiao Yun’s back with a dazed expression, and stomped her feet: “I’m so talented, I wish I could go to the sky, I can use it for a fart!”

In the hall of Ho’s house.

When He Shiming saw Xiao Yun enter the door, he hurried up to meet him, and said with anger, “Xiao Yun, why didn’t you come home to sleep last night.”

“If Auntie hadn’t told me in the morning that you didn’t come back last night, I wouldn’t have known about it.”

“Dad, if you want Auntie to make the bed, Xiao Yun might not like it.” He Yuanhan said sarcastically.

Yesterday at the calligraphy and painting appreciation meeting, the mood of the He family members was a big ups and downs.

He Yuanhan held a grudge.

He Shiming looked at Xiao Yun with a bit of reproach in his eyes.

It’s absolutely impossible to stay home overnight.

“Uncle He, I rested at my residence last night.” Xiao Yun noticed He Shiming’s concern and explained with a smile.

“Have you bought a house in Binhai?”

He Shiming’s eyes lit up: “This is a serious matter. How much did you buy? Do you have enough savings? Buying a house is a big deal, why don’t you discuss it with me?”

Luo Yanli glanced at He Shiming: “What is there to discuss with you about Xiao Yun?”

He Shiming stared: “Xiao Yun is buying a house for the first time. Since he called me Uncle He, of course I have to help.”

Luo Yanli opened her mouth and glanced at Xiao Yun contemptuously, but did not speak in the end.

Sure enough, it’s not a fuel-efficient lamp, and it’s a moth so soon. “Uncle He, I’ve already bought it, it’s quite spacious.” Xiao Yun said with a smile.

“Haha, okay, when you are on fire, I will cook in person.” He Shiming looked relieved.

He Yuanhan chuckled and asked, “Xiao Yun, your salary in the army is quite high, where did you buy it?”

“Qingyun Mountain.” Xiao Yun replied briefly.


Luo Yanli twitched her shoulders and almost spit out the gruel in her mouth.

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