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A friend who was good at drawing

Song: Hatsune Miku – My Friend Was Good At Drawing (絵の上手かった友達)

Lyrics: PinocchioP
Composition: PinocchioP
Arrangement: PinocchioP
Song: Hatsune Miku

Song Introduction

The 56th work of PinocchioP.
Yogurt seems to be effective for pollinosis. (Reprinted from the author’s rice)
PV is handled by Kenshiro Morii.
A collaboration song with Pentel’s ” Hatsune Miku x i + “.


夕闇に沈む 小さな影二つ
それは かつての男の子と女の子

口に出す「ごめん」と 遠い電車の音

性別のズレを誤魔化したがる 気休めは
ズルい気がして 言えなかった

架空の世界と もう会えないのかな
塗り潰されて 元に戻らない日々

ノートに息づく 不可思議な生物

自分にない物 君にはある魔法
楽しい反面 悔しくて


不器用なまま離れた 二人の距離

幼い君の絵は たまにちょっと

架空の世界を ふとまた思い出すよ
今でも元気に 楽しく絵を描いてますか

もう一度 すぐそばで見たかった


A small shadow two to sink to dusk
it was once of the boys and girls

The sound of the issue to the mouth far as “I’m sorry” train
you was crying in front of the eyes

Consolation that wants to cheat the deviation of the sex
could not say to the mind have cheating

Kimi was delicious had drawn the picture
does not meet the other with the imaginary world of Kana
filled with day-to-day does not return to the original
liked the appearance that draw a picture
from appearance liked to draw a picture

Mysterious creature alive to note
the landscape impossible showed me secretly

Magic there is in those kun is not in their own
enjoyable although frustrated

Feelings are spilling into end-to-end
but was not a hate
because there was a person who likes to other

Kimi was good the picture was crying
to the world of notebook is full of smile
two people of the distance away remained clumsy
liked the appearance that draw a picture
because it was like the appearance to draw a picture

Young Your picture is sometimes a little
but there was also time, which is similar to something
while dare silently
by or much smiling

Was good the picture you had drawn
an imaginary world suddenly or I remember
Do you draw a fun picture cheerfully still
liked the appearance that draw a picture
because it was like the appearance to draw a picture

The world of friends was good the picture
I wanted to see again soon in buckwheat

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