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The Cold-hearted President’s Contracted Ex-wife

The Cold-hearted President’s Contracted Ex-wife
Other Name: 冷情总裁的契约前妻

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Xiao Hazy
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Cold President’s Contracted Ex-wife” is a finished excellent original masterpiece. The protagonists of the book are Su Xiangnan and Si Yihan. The story in the book is summarized as follows: Su Xiangnan is for the seriously ill mother and for the high amount of medicine Fei, she finally chose to agree to this marriage, and she married into the disfigured Jingdong City No. 1 Kuo Shao Si Yihan with anxiety.

From the very beginning, I knew that this man was difficult, and his temper was very violent, but she never thought that he was still such a gentleman, and he drove her to the house on the first night of the wedding! For the mother in the hospital, Su Xiangnan couldn’t do anything without beans, could not say anything, and could only bear, retreat, and hide in silence. However, Si Yihan suddenly changed his face and was no longer the same as before. Treat her!

Free Reading Highlights:

“Are you comforting me?” The man laughed lowly.

Su Xiangnan stared at the man in a daze, only his reflection seemed to be visible in his clear eyes. After touching the man’s head, she realized that she had done something stupid. Seeing the man look over, she immediately guilty of her head.

“I, I’m going to wash up now!”

“What’s the hurry! Now we have more important things to do!” Before we could leave, her wrist was grasped by a big hand, and she fell on the bed following the strength of the man.

The warm breath of the man rushed over her face, Su Xiangnan suddenly went into a beat, seeing the man possessed, she immediately closed her eyes.

But for a long time, the expected kiss has not fallen. Su Xiangnan opened his eyes in surprise, but it was the man’s ridicule. She was confused, shame and annoyance mixed together, reaching out to push the man away.

“You expect me…” The man ignored her struggles and hugged her tighter. The words were full of joy, and then the hot and humid kisses followed the forehead, the corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose, and then reached her red lips…

Su Xiangnan’s breath began to be disordered, and her body was trembling slightly due to lack of oxygen, but the man’s breath did not let go of any corner, and encroached on her.

“Want to see the real me?” After the kiss, the man gasped slightly. He lifted Su Xiangnan up and placed it on his lap.

Su Xiangnan moved uncomfortably because of the uneasy feeling under her body.

“Don’t move!” The man let out a low growl, and stopped her movement. The dangerous intuition made Su Xiangnan stop her movement all of a sudden.

“Look at me!” Si Yihan raised her face, not allowing her to dodge because of shyness, and then took her hand and slowly stretched out the mask on his face. The moment the mask was taken off, the man Without stopping, he picked up a small bottle of potion on the head of the bed and applied it to the hideous wound under Su Xiangnan’s surprised eyes.

Then… a miracle happened. The scars on the man’s face all floated up. In Su Xiangnan’s expression that was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, the man grabbed his hands and tore them off one by one!

This… Su Xiangnan was so shocked that he lost his breath!

When I saw the half of the man’s face, I knew how handsome a man’s face was, but only at this moment did Su Xiangnan really feel that what is handsome is hard to breathe!

“This is the original me.” Seeing the little woman under him blushing, Si Yihan smiled, and then saw her pupils visibly shake with satisfaction.

“Like it?”

It was like a sound from the chest, burrowing directly into Su Xiangnan’s heart with numbness, making her face flushed.

Then, she felt her earlobe fall into the man’s warm mouth again…

“No, don’t…” She was awake for a moment, and took the man’s restless hand. But how could the man who had been coveting for a long time make her do what he wanted? He easily clasped her hands to the top of his head and touched his palms along the soft waistline.

Originally, he didn’t want to do this kind of thing in the old house, but tonight, if he couldn’t deal with his grandfather, he was afraid that he would be able to find a reasonable excuse to send the girl away.

Su Xiangnan, who was confused and sentimental, didn’t notice, but he had already noticed the movement at the door.

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