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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 14 Recap

Ever since Mei Xing learned that his love at first sight Shiyi had married Zhou Shengchen, he has been very depressed. Mei Xing came to pick up Zhou Shengchen to the research institute early in the morning. Shi Yi went to live broadcast the football match to Hong Xiaoyu. She came to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Zhou Wenchuan took the initiative to come to her and revealed that Zhou Shengchen and Tong Jiaren had a marriage contract, but by accident, he and Tong Jiaren were married. . Finally, Zhou Wenchuan took out Zhou Shengchen’s ring and repeatedly claimed that he cherished his marriage with Jia Tong and didn’t want to ruin it because of Jia Jia Tong and Zhou Shengchen’s old relationship. He also advised Shi Yi to keep quiet to avoid making things worse. In fact, Jiaren Tong has signed a separation agreement with Zhou Wenchuan, but it has not been made public for the time being.

Hong Xiaoyu came to the property to pay for the parking space, and saw that the man he met in the supermarket also came to pay, and learned from the registration form that the man was named Du Feng. Du Feng learned that Hong Xiaoyu lived in a friend’s house, so he took the initiative to add her WeChat. Shi Yi returned the ring to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen guessed that it was Zhou Wenchuan’s work. He told Shiyi in detail about the relationship between him and Tong Jiaren. Zhou Shengchen and Tong Jiaren were colleagues, and the two began to discuss marriage. At that time, Jiaren Tong’s sister suddenly married Zhou Shengxing, and the two of them broke up. Jiaren Tong’s sister, Zhou Shengren’s mother, died when Zhou Shengren was very young.

Shi Yi believed that Zhou Shengchen and Tong Jiaren were innocent, and Zhou Shengchen would not be so stupid to give the ring engraved on their wedding anniversary to Tong Jiaren. Zhou Shengchen breathed a sigh of relief and Shi Yi decided to cook and invite him before returning to China. His good friend Frank had a meal, and Zhou Shengchen hurried to make arrangements. Zhou Wenchuan wanted to invest in a project and he had to sign Meixing to withdraw funds. But Meixing did not let go. Zhou Wenchuan could not get a penny. At the same time, he also received an envelope from Zhou Shengchen, and this envelope is him. The envelope handed to Shiyi Ring, he was so angry that he tore it to pieces on the spot.

Frank came to the house for dinner and told Shiyi about Zhou Shengchen’s college days. Zhou Shengchen devoted himself to his studies and knew nothing about the outside world. Frank also took the initiative to help Zhou Shengchen rent the house. Zhou Shengchen knew Shiyi. In the future, wishing to take off the stars in the sky and give it to her, he chose a meteorite as a ring for Shiyi, and Shiyi was very moved.

Zhou Shengchen drove Shiyi to the flower shop to buy a bunch of dried flowers. As soon as he entered the flower shop, he saw a group of gangsters suddenly rushing out and hacking and smashing Zhou Shengchen’s car windows. Shi Yi was scared and panicked in the car. Zhou Shengchen came to protect her in time. Shi Yi was frightened, and she was still in shock for a long time. Zhou Shengchen desperately comforted her, Shi Yi only slightly relieved. Zhou Shengchen wanted to stay to deal with the trouble of being falsely embezzled funds, let Shiyi return home first, Shiyi asked Zhou Shengchen to say some sweet words to make her happy, Zhou Shengchen sincerely expressed love to her, and also personally helped her to dry her hair.

That night, Zhou Shengchen had to work overtime to design, so Shiyi had to sleep alone. Zhou Shengchen helped her cover the quilt, turn off the lamp, and then went back to work in the study. Shi Yi woke up from his sleep early in the morning and saw Zhou Shengchen making oily noodles with a single glance, and accompanied him by his side. Zhou Shengchen treated cooking as seriously as an experiment. Shi Yi took a sip and was full of praise for Zhou Shengchen’s cooking skills. Zhou Shengchen promised to live in the same room with Shiyi after returning to China. Shi Yi was so scared that he sprayed out the noodles, excusing him not to live together without marriage.

Shi Yi packed his luggage and prepared to return to China. He deliberately took away a shirt from Zhou Shengchen, and Mei Xing sent them to the airport. Shi Yi touched the scene and couldn’t help thinking of the scene when they met at the security gate. Zhou Shengchen thanked the security gate for completing the two of them. Shi Yi felt thirsty. Zhou Shengchen hurriedly bought her a bottle of mineral water. Shi Yi took a sip and was ready to board the plane. , Zhou Shengchen left the rest of the water. Shi Yi gently kissed Zhou Shengchen, and the two reluctantly said goodbye.

Zhou Shengchen watched the plane go away, regretting not giving Shiyi a hug. Mei Xing investigated the brawl. All investigations pointed to an accident. However, Mei Xing’s instinct was abnormal and advised Zhou Shengchen to return home first. He stayed and waited. According to the financial investigation results of the institute, Zhou Shengchen insisted on staying and waiting for the results a month later. He wanted to restore his innocence and did not want to affect future international students to study in the institute. Mei Xing no longer reluctantly.

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