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How to deal with sensitive skin problems with Acseine?

Sensitive skin is a skin condition that is susceptible to various stimuli, whether internal or external, such as chemicals, cosmetics, weather, external pollution, or may be caused by heredity, skin diseases, dry skin and lack of moisture.

These are all the main factors that cause your skin to be allergic and irritated, red rashes, blisters on the skin. stinging or itching Sometimes there may be dry and flaky skin as well. The basic way to deal with sensitive skin symptoms is

Always test cleaning or skin care products before use.

To reset allergy symptoms By applying the cream or product to be tested on the soft skin of the crook of the arm or behind the ear. Leave it for about 48 hours and be careful not to expose the skin to water or sweat. Then keep an eye on its symptoms. If the rash Skin blisters or itching, during which time your skin is healthy no skin disease That means there is a tendency to irritate certain substances in the product.

Should choose cleaning and skin care products that are gentle on sensitive skin.

Especially the category of cosmeceuticals for allergic skin that does not contain dyes, oils, parabens, alcohol, silicones and fragrances, such as ACSEINE AD Control, ACSEINE’s most gentle skin care line, certified by a team of dermatologists from Japan. Suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin. Solve problems with dry and sensitive skin on the spot. with a specific system Make sure it doesn’t contain irritants.

How to look at the skin for people with sensitive skin from ACSEINE:

  • Cleanse your skin with ACSEINE Facial Soap AD, a gentle cleansing soap. Hypoallergenic Soap does not contain fatty acids like oleic and lauric acid. Cause of skin irritation Can remove dirt and bacteria thoroughly. and maintain moisture to the skin and does not dry out the skin after washing it off
  • Adjust the skin after washing with Skin Control Lotion AD, a gentle water lotion that helps to control the pH balance of the skin. Add moisture to the top layer of skin. Ready to receive the next step of maintenance
  • protect skin from pollution Irritants and dangers from the weather with Skin Control Essence AD, an oil-free formula of hyaluronic essence that will help create a protective barrier with a rich hydrophilic polymer film coating. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain water fully. It also makes the skin smooth and flexible. Everywhere is pleasant to the touch
  • Finally, add moisture and retain water to the skin in complete steps with Milky Gel AD, a milky gel lotion that helps retain water in the skin. Contains substances that reduce irritation Keeps skin naturally hydrated for up to 12 hours.

There are 6 products in the ACSEINE AD Control range, all of which are products that Japanese dermatologists trust and choose as their Top Choice. The first choice for looking at sensitive skin, sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis and steroid skin. Steroid, so you can often see and find the ACSEINE AD Control range at leading hospitals in Japan. Or if you are still not sure if your skin problem is suitable for any Acseine product,

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