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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 13 Recap

Shi Yi rejected Homo Chen’s love. Although she did not indicate who she belonged to, Zhou Shengchen knew that it was him, but he had made an oath in Zhongzhou in his early years that he would not marry in this life. Wife and concubine, leave no heirs. This night, Zhou Shengchen had a lot of thoughts, Shi Yi also had trouble sleeping.

The two looked at each other through a door, Shi Yi hid the thousands of words in his heart, and only asked when Zhou Shengchen would leave. Both of them avoided talking about feelings. How could the touched person be undisturbed? Zhou Shengchen stood in front of the door of Shiyi’s room and watched the night rain in the academy for a night, while Shiyi was painting in the room. Lotus pond.

The next day, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi set off. Huan became more and more interested in bringing the two together. He only sent his disciples to tell Zhou Shengchen that he had watched the rain outside the lady’s door for a night like Zhou Shengchen, and then the two married. Shi Yi was quite surprised by the disciple’s words, but there was a hint of sweetness in his heart. Afterwards, the two crossed the river back to Beichen.

On the way across the river, they should hear the boatman telling that the king of Xiao Nanchen sent his army to the south and built the Dingjiang Building here to negotiate and negotiate. Since then, they have settled in Xinjiang for ten years and will not violate each other. Everyone in the Nanchen Palace was here waiting for the two to return, and Tong Feng also led Wang Jun to come and wait. Seeing that it was safe and sound, Tong Feng was also relieved. Now that Wang Jun was here, Zhou Shengchen decided to go to Shouyang. It happened that the time was right and had always wanted to go to Shouyang, so the two of them went together.

Gao Huaiyang was entrusted to the care of King Ping Qin by Zhou Shengchen. Gao Huaiyang stayed in the palace temporarily. He wanted to move away from the palace for fear of causing trouble to King Ping Qin. However, King Ping Qin had already admired Gao Huaiyang and he was unwilling to let him leave. Zhou Shengchen and his party followed Tongfeng to Shouyang, and Xinghua was also in the mansion. The two quarreled a lot when they met.

Zhou Shengchen stepped forward and listened to the dispute between the two. Only then did they learn that Xinghua wanted to go back to Zhongzhou, and Tongfeng thought. Staying in Shouyang, Jiafeng did not want to go back to Zhongzhou in every possible way, but Xinghua blurted out that she was pregnant and must return to Zhongzhou, letting Jiafeng make her own choice. In fact, Xinghua was not pregnant, but Liu Zixing sent her a letter saying that only her return to Zhongzhou would make her get rid of this nameless marriage.

She kept thinking of Liu Zixing in her heart. The two did not have the truth as a husband and wife, and how did Tong Feng know that, but he and Xinghua did not have a relationship. Seeing that Xinghua was so persistent and wanted to return to Zhongzhou, he mistakenly thought that Xinghua was really pregnant, so he followed Xinghua’s wish. Said that he would revise a letter to report to his family. This child can only be named Jiao. Fortunately, in Zhongzhou in the future, he will stay in Shouyang. If Xinghua wants to reconcile, he will have no regrets or regrets.

Luo Feng needs to send Lucky Hua back to Zhongzhou. Zhou Shengchen asked Xiaoyu to stay in Shouyang. When he thought of leaving Shouyang, he felt unwilling to give up. He confided in Shiyi. Shouyang is his second hometown. He and Xiao Yu lived here for three years when they regained Shouyang. At the same time, he also asked Shi Yi to tell Xiao Yu. If possible, he hoped that Xiao Yu would send a good report to Zhongzhou Tongfu after the battle, so that he could feel at ease. Seeing the two in love with each other, Shi Yi felt uncomfortable in all sorts of ways.

Shi Yi asked Zhou Shengchen privately, what if the two of them stayed true to each other but couldn’t be together, even though they knew they should let go, what should they do? Zhou Shengchen confessed that Huanyu once asked if he regretted swearing to have no wife and children. At the time, he did not know how to answer, but in the eyes of the world, no matter whether he regrets it or not, all choices are worthwhile.

In the Harem of Zhongzhou, Qin Yan guarded the gate of the Queen Mother. The queen mother indulged the extravagance of Qin Yan’s subordinates many times, and asked Qin Yan to drink glass after glass of wine. Qin Yan woke up after losing consciousness, and was shocked to realize that he had gone to bed after being drunk. This was a scandal. Qin Yan couldn’t tell others, and only asked the queen mother to let him go. The queen mother had already stared at Qin Yan. This strategy was also to get the soldiers in Qin Yan’s hands.

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