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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 23 Recap

Senior Brother Ning Fang called Yi Yue out to confess to her. Suddenly He Qiaoyan came and he took Yi Yue away. Senior Brother Ning Fang came to the place of confession arranged for Yiyue alone, and Lin Wei also came at this time, because it was arranged by Lin Wei for help, but it was not arranged for Yiyue, but for He Qiaoyan on purpose. , Senior Brother Ning Fang took out the guitar and sang with Lin Wei sitting on the grass.

Yiyue and Qiaoyan came to the school to find Xiaobao, only to realize that Xiaobao refused to go to class today, and had to play basketball outside. The teacher didn’t listen to what the teacher said. When He Qiaoyan saw Xiaobao, he thought of his brother. , Saying that he would definitely take Xiaobao to play basketball, and he would play tricks. Xiaobao suddenly called He Qiaoyan as father. Qiao Yan was very surprised and happy, so he took Xiaobao to play basketball. This is Xiaobao. It was the first time that He Qiaoyan was called Dad.

Senior Brother Ning Fang and Lin Youyi got up to drink by the river and discussed the past together. Ning Fang asked Lin Wei when his anxiety began. Only then did he know that Lin Wei had always been under great pressure, even the award he had won in China. It was her mother who paid for her to win the prize. Because of this, Lin Wei couldn’t draw a design drawing last year. Senior Brother Ning Fang has been warmly persuading her and telling her to follow her heart. .

In the evening, Yiyue took He Qiaoyan and his brother’s picture frame in a daze. Suddenly He Qiaoyan hugged her behind and said to her that he thought it over and he listened to Yueyue. He decided to find that time again. For his memory, he is very grateful to Yiyue for being with him during this time and loving him. He will definitely give Yue and Xiaobao happiness.

He Qiaoyan came to Senior Brother Ning Fang, but he wanted to tell Ning Fang Yiyue to treat him as a friend and hope that he would not cross the boundary, but Ning Fang said that it was up to him, and He Qiaoyan promised to give him happiness. Next, Ning Fang asked He Qiaoyan what he wanted to do about it, and also introduced him to the brother who hypnotized and awakened his memory. He Qiaoyan was willing to give it a try. Ning Fang’s senior also inquired that a senior had served as a judge of the Golden Cui Award, so he also asked for his contact information.

He Qiaoyan found the driver Zhang of the year and told him that he had remembered it, but Driver Zhang said that he had nothing to do with him, so he was looking for them. It seemed that there was a murderer behind the scenes. He Qiaoyan told the aunt about it. Since he couldn’t find the memory, he asked the person in the memory to come to him. Brother Ning Fang’s hypnosis had no effect on He Qiaoyan.

Yang Ruowei had a meal with her mother. Her mother wanted her to go home. However, Yang Ruowei would never go back. Her mother left. At this time, Wen Gu ran over and apologized to Ruowei, but Ruowei did not accept it. Wen Gu hugged Ruo Wei and took her to a place where Wen Gu carefully arranged her. The two of them confided her inner words to each other. Ruo Wei also saw Wen Gu’s sincerity towards herself, so they Together.

Xiaobao was picked up at the entrance of Yiyuelai school, but someone dragged Yiyue into the car behind him. He happened to be photographed by Xiaobao. He sent the video to He Qiaoyan to save Yiyue. Xiaobao also wrote down the license plate number. , He Qiaoyan drove to chase the robbers, driving too fast on the road, and a large truck drove onwards, so the three cars collided.

When He Qiaoyan woke up again, he was already in the hospital. After this impact, He Qiaoyan remembered everything from that year. Fortunately, both he and Yiyue were fine this time. The original mastermind behind it was Ai Meng. The people in the company, because his brother grasped the financial loopholes in the company, they wanted to kill the man and gave the driver Zhang the money. He told the people in the company about the brake failure and planned this together. accident.

He Qiaoyan and Yiyue played backgammon together and secretly went out to buy skewers to eat. Yiyue said it hadn’t been this crazy for a long time.

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