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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 28 Recap

Xiao Yan is arranging the next work arrangements. She suddenly saw You Ya and Chen Jiaorui appear here. You Ya didn’t know it, and she said that she was here to give her the platform. Xiao Yan turned around and called Li Cha to ask why Chen Jiaorui was here. Li Cha didn’t know it, but Xiao Yan knew that Chen Jiaorui must be holding back some bad move.

Yan Zhi specially asked for a day off to come to the confinement center to help. Unexpectedly, Lili also came here. She told Yan Zhi that Xiao Yan had taken away the Jingbao advertising project. If the project was completed, she would be able to return to Thea. . Yan Zhi began to think that Xiao Yan was not easy, and he felt that it was not glorious for Xiao Yan to return to Xia in this way.

Before the event started, Xiao Yan reminded You Ya not to go on stage to share, she was used by Chen Jiaorui. You Ya is very simple, she doesn’t know the theme of today’s sharing session, and she doesn’t want to leave. At the beginning of the sharing session, Xiao Yan had no time to explain to You Ya and Yan Zhi, so she had to go to work first.

Looking at Xiao Yan on the stage, Yan Zhi couldn’t help telling Mo Ming that he couldn’t see her through. Mo Ming just smiled and said that he was too innocent. After listening to what the full-time mothers said, You Ya did not approve, and she frequently raised her hands to speak, but Xiao Yan ignored them one by one. You Ya simply took the stage by himself and took away the microphone in Xiao Yan’s hand.

You Ya said a lot of rebuttals against working mothers. The video of her talking was uploaded to the Internet, and the discussion on the Internet was full of enthusiasm. The public opinion was overwhelming. Netizens thought that working mothers were too hostile. This effect was similar to that of Jingbao and Thea. The original intention of the advertisement runs counter to the original intention.

The manager of Jingbao is very dissatisfied, and he wants to put forward a request for termination of cooperation with Li Cha. You Ya thought that Xiao Yan taught the mothers in the workplace, and Xiao Yan was also angry because You Ya was acting against her. The two did not understand each other, and the relationship suddenly fell to the bottom. But Xiao Yan asked Mo Ming to send Youya home in the end.

On the way back, You Ya learned from Mo Ming that Xiao Yan wanted to use this opportunity to return to Thea, but she didn’t expect to be disturbed by herself, and she suddenly felt guilty. At this time, Cheng Haonan realized that he had been scammed by Hao Dawei, and went to Hao Dawei to question, but he looked like he took it for granted.

Cheng Haonan returned to the community and saw Mo Ming sending You Ya back. He rushed forward and took You Ya home. After returning home, Cheng Haonan immediately admitted his mistake. He said that he was not in a good mood today, so he just lost his temper. You Ya was very worried, and asked him why he was in a bad mood, but Cheng Haonan didn’t tell her what had happened.

The board of directors met and criticized Xiao Yan for messing up the cooperation with Jingbao, and Li Cha took the responsibility on himself. Mr. Ma turned to praise Chen Jiaorui for doing a very good job of veteran endorsements. Li Chayou can’t tell. He wanted to find a project for Chen Jiaorui to work on, but he did not expect that she would use this project to make peace.

Bao’s advertising cooperation was messed up. Biaozi’s mother at the confinement center originally booked a standard room. Because the expected delivery date was advanced and the confinement center was temporarily unable to vacate a standard room, she made an exception and allowed Biaozi’s mother to enter the VIP room. Unexpectedly, Biao Zi’s mother was addicted to living here, and she refused to leave for various reasons such as stomach ache and high blood pressure.

Xiao Yan went to deal with it personally, Biao Zima had to agree to make up the difference, and Xiao Yan believed that someone like her would not make up the difference, and she would only refuse to make up the difference for various reasons. Cheng Haonan didn’t look at the contract carefully and was scammed by Hao Dawei. Qi Bin said that there were no loopholes in the contract.

Why did Hao Dawei pit him? Did Cheng Haonan provoke him? Because of Qi Bin’s words, Cheng Haonan thought that Hao Dawei had asked him to thank Xiao Yan before, plus some of the things Xiao Yan had said to him before, and Cheng Haonan completely believed that Xiao Yan made Hao Dawei pit himself. You Ya called Xiao Yan and asked why Hao Dawei, who she had found, had pitted Cheng Haonan. Xiao Yan was stunned when she heard these words.

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