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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 20 Recap

Jingjing believes that the reason why Yu Tu wrote is because she was too stupid before, and that he was moved by himself instead of love. Yu Tu knows that it is stupid to write these letters every day, but his deep affection for Jingjing is true. The stupidest thing he has done in his life is given to Jingjing. He has regretted his refusal a long time ago, but he has been After struggling, he finally couldn’t help but surrendered to Jingjing.

Today, he wanted to use his affection to formally ask Jingjing if he would like to be with him. Facing Yu Tu’s affectionate confession, Jingjing couldn’t refuse, but she was unhappy at the thought of agreeing to Tu’s heart. Yu Tu took Jingjing into his arms and desperately apologized to Jingjing, it was he who hurt Jingjing. The two confessed that Jingjing was unwilling to accept someone a little bit less than he liked. Yu Tu knew that Jingjing did not agree to him, but he was willing to wait, and was willing to use his own way to impress Jingjing and let Jingjing understand him. Deep love.

Yu Tu sent Jingjing home, and the two watched the first fireworks of the new year. He asked Jingjing when he would return to Shanghai, and was ready to pick up Jingjing again. After returning home, Jingjing is no longer a lonely female celebrity, she played cards with her family, and she also paid attention to the time when she got home from time to time. She was very distressed that she had to walk for half an hour to get home. On the other hand, when Yu Tu returned home, Yu’s mother realized that Yu Tu’s return home in the middle of the night was related to a little girl. The mother ignores the child’s affairs.

The next day, Yu Tu sent a message to Jingjing, asking Jingjing if she got up, and wanted to eat tofu with Jingjing. Jingjing never responded, Yu Tu was very anxious and had to make a call to Jingjing. Jingjing was with her family in the forest outside the forest. Her phone rang and deliberately did not answer. Jingjing’s brother answered the phone for her and forwarded the call to Jingjing. On the phone, Yu Tu learned that Jingjing was digging bamboo shoots in the mountains.

He wanted to make an appointment with Jingjing, but Jingjing refused. He had to hang up and prepare to pick up Jingjing and return to Shanghai on the fourth day of the junior high. After that, Yu Tu took his cousin with him. He wanted to go to the mountains to meet Jingjing, but Jingjing just left by car, the two of them still staggered, Yu Tu did not see Jingjing.

In Taihua City, Jingjing returned to her grandfather’s house. She dug a bunch of bamboo shoots at his grandfather’s house, and went back to Yixing after having dinner in large packages. Originally, she didn’t want to go out again after going back to Yixing, but when she heard her family say that Dongjiu had changed a lot, she wanted to say that Yixing had changed a lot, so she decided to go out. However, before getting into the car, Jingjing’s cousin saw the driver’s license on the car, she opened it and accidentally discovered that the photo on the driver’s license was Yu Tu.

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