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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 3 Recap

Ye Youning traveled back to the future, but found that she was committing suicide. He was rescued by Yang Chuang and just took a breath, but Yang Chuang forced him to pay him back. Ye Youning found out that this time and space herself had just been released from prison, although she traveled back to the future. , But his life has been completely rewritten. Because of this time and space change, Ye Youning lost 39 hours of memory in 2006.

In 2006, Ye Youning didn’t know that the host was Zhou Zhihua, so he went to the lecture. As a result, a conflict broke out with Zhou Zhihua during the lecture. He was expelled and dropped out of school. Since then, he has been in the society and was put in prison. Grandpa Zhou also passed away two years ago. The funeral was handled by a few of their neighbours. Ye Youning was very broken and wanted to find the old phone and go back.

In 2006, Ye Youning lost 39 hours of memory after waking up. Xia Wenxi took him back to Grandpa Zhou’s house and told Ye Youning about what happened in the past two days. Xia Wenxi took the photos taken during the experiment. When he came out to testify, Ye Youning still refused to believe. At this time, his attitude towards Grandpa Zhou, who was rebellious, was different from the previous two days. When Grandpa Zhou saw this, he was a little worried that Ye Youning was hit by a car, so he and Xia Wenxi took Ye Youning together. Pulled to the hospital for examination.

On the other hand, Ye Youning found the old phone and wanted to travel back through the old phone, but after turning it on, she found that she could contact the past Xia Wenxi. Ye Youning made up a reason to make Xia Wenxi believe in herself and help him, but Xia Wenxi regarded him as As a liar, she threw her mobile phone aside and ignored Ye Youning. In order to convince Xia Wenxi that she came from the future, Ye Youning found out the lottery number that won the lottery in 2006 and sent it to Xia Wenxi. Early the next morning, Xia Wenxi verified the lottery number.

Believing that Ye You-ning is from the future, Ye You-ning took the opportunity to ask Xia Wenxi to help Ye You-ning in 2006, saying that without Xia Wenxi, Ye You-ning would be indifferent for a lifetime, and his life would be over. He asked Xia Wenxi to guarantee Ye You-ning to participate in this basketball game. After reading the news, Xia Wenxi happened to see Ye You-ning go to school, and hurriedly went out to catch up with Ye You-ning by bike.

When I arrived at the school, Lin Jiaqi and others asked Ye Youning to play together, but Ye Youning said that she did not play basketball. Xia Wenxi asked Lin Jiaqi and the others to go first, saying that Ye Youning had a small car accident, and asked herself to talk to Ye Youning. Xia Wenxi explained the agreement between Ye Youning and Lin Jiaqi. , Ye You-ning heard that the basketball game was rejected on Saturday and said that he was going to attend a physics lecture. Xia Wenxi reported the situation to the future Ye You-ning, and the future Ye You-ning told Xia Wenxi to stop Ye You-ning from going to that lecture. Xia Wenxi tried every means to please Ye Youning.

Ye Youning was unmoved. Xia Wenxi had to ask the future Ye Youning for help. The future Ye Youning had no choice but to tell Xia Wenxi about the relationship between Ye Youning and Zhou Zhihua, saying that Zhou Zhihua had an illegitimate child outside, and he didn’t care about Ye Youning at all, if Ye Youning went. After the lecture, he will definitely lose control of his emotions and fight with the security guards and be expelled from the school.

When Xia Wenxi learned of the situation, she wanted to tell Ye You-ning not to go to the lecture in a tactful way. Who knew Ye You-ning would disappear after class. Xia Wenxi asked Grandpa Zhou and learned that Ye You-ning had gone to the bookstore, so she hurried to the bookstore to find someone. Later, Xia Wenxi hesitated for a long time and finally said the reason why he couldn’t go to the lecture, but Ye You-ning exploded his hair and told Xia Wenxi not to joke.

Xia Wenxi thought of another way, let the future Ye Youning ask a question, and bet with the current Ye Youning that if Ye Youning can’t do it, he will go to the basketball team. Ye Youning was really fascinated by the problem, and he didn’t solve it until he returned home. As for the question, the two agreed that if they fail to make it tonight, Ye You-ning will lose. In the evening, Xia Wenxi ran to Ye You-ning’s house for dinner, staring at Ye You-ning to do the question.

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