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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 28 Recap

Mr. Ou is playing chess with Mu Qing. Mr. Ou said that the onion is right. If he continues to investigate now, he may chill the hearts of the brothers, but he still insists on finding the undercover agent. Mr. Ou said that Mu Qing, Li Ruosheng and There will be a person among the onions who cannot get out of the room. Mr. Ou said that Mu Qing is now the most suspected.

On the other side, Honor Tuo Kexin helped find Zheng Yixiao. Honor said that Ou Kexin could send him the phone number of the glasses. Ou Kexin worries that since the organization has let Honor know that he is Rongyu, will the organization tell Mu Qing the truth one day, and Honor said that the organization will not tell Mu Qing for the time being. Ou Kexin said that he will be unfamiliar every day. It’s really hard to stay with Mu Qing as a human being. Glory encourages Ou Kexin to stand the test.

Ou Kexin returned to Mr. Ou’s house. After she heard that Mu Qing was talking with her father alone, she immediately pretended to look like a savage and willful eldest lady and insisted on going to Mu Qing. The glasses wanted to stop, Ou Kexin He deliberately broke his mobile phone while pushing and pushing his glasses. Onion confessed to Ou Kexin that Tieguanyin was taken away by the police. Now Mr. Ou is investigating the ghost. Ou Kexin said that Mu Qing decided to say the ghost, and then she went to the study to find Mu Qing.

Mr. Ou was still questioning Mu Qing’s whereabouts before and after Tieguanyin’s accident, and Mu Qing answered in an orderly manner. At this time, Ou Kexin broke in, and she firmly stated that Mu Qing was definitely not an undercover agent. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to put the cake and go out to get a few plates.

After getting the consent of Mr. Ou, Mu Qing acted according to Ou Kexin’s words. At the same time, he also found a small note Ou Kexin left for himself. Mu Qing immediately felt relieved when he saw the note saying “No ghosts inside, rest assured” on the note in the bathroom. He immediately threw the note into the toilet and washed away, and then went back to the study to continue playing chess with Mr. Ou. .

Ou Kexin said that her mobile phone had just been broken, and she was going to borrow the glasses mobile phone to make a call. The glasses were still refusing. What happened, Ou Kexin suddenly became violent at him, and the glasses reluctantly agreed to Ou Kexin’s use. Own cell phone. Ou Kexin immediately dialed Honor with the phone of the glasses. She chatted with Honor for a few words, but it did not arouse the suspicion of the glasses. After getting the phone number of the glasses, the Glory side immediately began to search the call records of the glasses.

Mr. Ou said that Mu Qing’s resume was too clean, but his own group had accidents one after another. Mr. Ou decided that he could kill a thousand by mistake, and he could not let one go. Later, when Mu Qing was about to be taken out, Ou Kexin immediately stopped Mr. Ou. She said that she had married Mu Qing, but Mr. Ou insisted on taking Mu Qing away. In desperation, Ou Kexin asked Li Ruosheng to help herself, and Li Ruosheng asked Ou Kexin to go back first and said that he would definitely find a way to save Mu Qing.

Li Ruosheng came to Mr. Ou to intercede for Mu Qing, but Mr. Ou still decided to deal with Mu Qing. Li Ruosheng said that if he had to do it, he hoped that Mr. Ou would let him solve Mu Qing by himself. Mr. Ou immediately called and ordered his subordinates to save Mu Qing’s life before it was confirmed that Mu Qing was a ghost.

On the other hand, Ou Kexin informed Liu Bureau that Mu Qing was in danger now. Li Ruosheng told Ou Kexin that Mr. Ou promised that he would keep Mu Qing’s life temporarily, and he was also chasing Mu Qing’s position. Ou Kexin was about to go out to find Mu Qing, when suddenly, she was fainted by Huang Boyuan who appeared from behind her.

Huang Boyuan kidnapped Ou Kexin. He showed Ou Kexin a picture of Honor and said that he had seen Ou Kexin and Honor standing together before talking. Huang Boyuan speculates that Ou Kexin is the undercover agent of the police and is a counterfeit. Huang Boyuan said that no matter whether Ou Kexin’s identity is true or false, she is the biggest bargaining chip since the moment. At this time, Glory suddenly called Ou Kexin.

Fortunately, Ou Kexin’s note to Glory was “family”. After the call was connected, Ou Kexin immediately called Glory Dad and said that he was with Huang Boyuan. Together, I will go back in a while. Glory on the other end of the phone immediately noticed something was wrong, and he immediately tracked Ou Kexin’s location. When Huang Boyuan, who was frantic, was about to inject Ou Kexin with an unknown liquid, they rushed to glory. The police quickly convinced Huang Boyuan, and Huang Boyuan viciously told Ou Kexin that the days to come were still long.

After rescuing Ou Kexin, the police also found Mu Qing’s position. Ou Kexin said she could save Mu Qing. She told Glory not to be exposed. Ou Kexin said that once she could not complete the task, she would A distress signal was issued for a moment.

Glasses ordered his subordinates to kill Mu Qing immediately. Mu Qing said that he was an inner ghost and did not take it seriously, and that he was still Mr. Ou’s son-in-law. Now he hastily killed himself, I am afraid that they will not get any benefit from the glasses. Hearing this, the men of the glasses hesitated and did not shoot Mu Qing.

Later, Mr. Ou came to the warehouse to shoot Mu Qing himself. Li Ruosheng immediately knelt down to intercede for Mu Qing. Mr. Ou said that Mu Qing wanted to approach Ou Kexin from the beginning and used Ou Kexin as a shield. Mu Qing said that Kexin has always taken the initiative when it comes to himself and Kexin.

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