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Ideas to make money online

Unemployed, covids make a recession or less money. Want to make more money. No matter what mode you are in, there is a solution, just use your preferences plus the Internet. can now earn money from the online world Let’s take a look at how your passion can make money.

like to write

For those who like writing subject matter, I recommend Blockdit, a social media platform created by people. A new space for lovers of quality content reading. You can earn money by creating a page for writing articles. When you reach 1000 followers and have at least 3 star-rated posts, you will be able to hit the earning button. Or if you like to write lifestyle articles, it has to be TrueID In-Trend, which writers will receive prize money through True Money Wallet . When the number of visitors to the article reaches 500 views, for those who like to write long or want to combine books into e-books You can upload your own work to sell at Meb and Ookbee and receive 70% percent of the sales.

For novels, check out ReadAWrite, where you can earn by selling coins per episode. And if you like writing novels, you must not miss to write chat novels atJoylada, whose income is calculated from the total joy or the number of readers. The more people read, the more money you earn. You may also create a website. or own blog to write interesting content Then apply for Google AdSense to earn money from ads that will be sent on your website. Not only that, you can also sign up for the Affiliate Program to put links of products or services to advertise on your website. You get rewards when someone clicks on a link or buys a product through that link.

like to answer

If you are someone who likes to answer surveys, then the Thai Survey and Rakuten Insight sites are for you. Because you can go to surveys to collect points to exchange for gift cards, prizes or cash. But if you are good at answering surveys via smartphones, you can choose YouGov and Yimresearch because both of them can take surveys either on the website or the app. Most of the time, the topic of these web or app online questionnaires is about products and services for market research. and product development

love to take pictures

If you are a pro photographer, don’t miss out on contributing images to popular image selling sites like Shutterstock , iStockphoto , Adobe Stock , 123RF , dreamstime , Fotolia , POND5 , Depositphotos , CanStockPhoto , freepik , Freepik , Creative Market and PhotoShelter.In which one sale can make money from 30-3,000 baht per image at once. For those who may not be a professional photographer. You can turn your mobile photos into money with the Foap app. You’ll be paid about $150 per image, which is mostly the case for selling images online. One photo can be sold unlimitedly. That means if your image is preferred by a wide range of people. May be able to sell repeatedly, generating passive income ever

like to sell

In addition to online shopping platform Shopee , to Lazada , a JD CENTRAL , LnwShop , Weloveshoping , Kaidee , PantipMarket , the ebay , the Amazon , where you can sell online. Of course, you can also create a website, a Facebook page, or create a business profile for your store on Instagram.for sale as well The selling model can be a buy-to-sale or dropship, which means being a reseller. The advantages of Dropship are that you don’t have to stock products, don’t invest, and don’t have to send your own items. Just bring the product from the real manufacturer or seller to advertise the product in the style and price you customized. And when sold, let the manufacturer or the seller actually deliver the goods on behalf of your shop.

love doing art

Artists like you may accept illustration, logo design, or get a portrait through freelance websites like Fastwork , freelanceagency. Or you could put your work up for sale on a photo selling website. But if you want to see your graphic work on t-shirts, pillowcases, phone cases, mugs, and other items. You can do this by signing up and uploading your design files at sites like Redbubble , Teespring , cafepress , Zazzle and Threadless, and then repositioning the images to the right place for each product before selling them. web page By the web will produce and deliver products when orders are placed. Your income is a percentage of sales.

whatever you like Just be willing and take action. We believe that the results of your passion will help you to earn more or less. As Walt FJ Goodridge once said, “You can make money from what you love. even in times of economic downturn.”

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