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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 17 Recap

Ma Hao is very confident in the next meeting, and believes that Cao Mei doesn’t need to worry about it this time. The acquisition will definitely be negotiated at this meeting. From then on, it is only Ma Hao’s decision in Guanding , Ning Chengming’s era is about to pass. When Ma Hao revealed his plan at the meeting, everyone was a little worried about the plan. Ma Hao patted his chest to ensure that the company’s prospects are immeasurable. But just as everyone was about to vote, Ma Hao received a text message about the economy.

The investigator had already arrived at the company, and Ma Hao didn’t bother to go to the meeting and turn around and left. The person who sent text messages in the underground garage had already prepared a car to pick up Ma Hao and leave. The directors talked a lot about Ma Hao’s behavior, and it was at this time that Ning Chengming returned. Ning Chengming promised to redeem the shares in everyone’s hands, so everyone can rest assured that Ning Chengming left this sentence and left. .

Li Chen’s filming costs were not enough. Seeing that it was about to be completed, there would be no funds. On the contrary, Gu Lan gave the sponsorship. This moved Li Chen a little. Even Li Jingfan thought that he was at most earning word of mouth, and the rest was losing money. , But Gu Lan supported it.

The economic investigators asked Ning Chengming and Cao Mei separately. The shareholders also learned about Ma Hao’s transfer of property. Ning Chengming wanted to drive to see the factory’s problems. As a result, he lost his memory after being hit by a car. During this period, Ning Chengming explained that he was going to recuperate.

When Li Qian learned the news and rushed to the hospital, he learned that Qi Wei had picked up Ning Chengming, and that Ning Chengming’s phone calls were always unanswered. Li Qian knew that Ning Chengming was recovering his memory 80% of the time. I went back, so I could only send a courier to Ning Chengming.

Since Ning Chengming came back, everyone is in a state of self-seeking blessings. He used to be very harsh, but now he has become even more demanding after returning. It can even be described as harsh. Cao Mei took the initiative to ask Ning Chengming where he went when he was missing. Ning Chengming simply told Cao Mei that he had lost his memory and had been recuperating in the hospital, and he did not remember many things at the time. Cao Mei expressed his concern for Ning Chengming and firmly believed that Ning Chengming would return. Cao Mei also negotiated with Director He to resell his shares to Ning Chengming, but Ning Chengming refused, and Claiming that he has approached Li Rong as an investment.

Li Qian knew that Ning Chengming would not be back, so he planned to put away his things, and forgot Ning Chengming from then on, but the shadow of Ning Chengming was lingering everywhere in the room, and Li Qian told Ning Cheng. Ming couldn’t bear to throw away the things he had used, and all he was thinking of was Ning Chengming.

Li Jun also learned that Ning Chengming had recovered his memory, and told Li Jingfan that Li Jingfan was worried about Li Qian and Ning Chengming. Knowing that Li Qian also went to Dong Wei today, it shows that Li Qian always wanted to help Ning. Cheng Ming, but what Li Qian’s plan is and Li Jingfan can’t guess it.

Li Jingfan found the Li Rong Investment Department’s request to communicate with Li Jingfan face to face, but Li Jingfan avoided seeing it, thinking that the current Guanding is a mess, so he should not interfere.

Ning Chengming and Lu Shao also found the route Ma Hao ran on the surveillance, thinking that Ma Hao must be hiding in the most dangerous place now, because according to Ma Hao’s logical thinking, the most dangerous place is the safest place.

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