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The Secret Tomb of the Yellow River

The Secret Tomb of the Yellow River (Novel)
Other Name: 黄河秘墓

Genre: novel, Suspense
Author: Yinshan Guhuai
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The Secret Tomb of the Yellow River is the latest suspense novel written by Yinshan Guhuai. The protagonist in the story is the ghost, Na Jiao. The love story in the article is poignant and pure. The writing is excellent, and it is recommended by the strength. Trial reading of the wonderful passage of the novel: Later, just when the uncle’s words fell, my parents pried open the iron door. The iron gate was pushed open with a “click…”, and the uncle and the villagers followed behind and walked in. I walked in without thinking

Free Reading Highlights:

Later, just when Uncle’s words fell, my parents pried open the iron door. The iron gate was pushed open with a “click…”, and the uncle and the villagers followed behind and walked in.

As soon as I walked in, I didn’t expect the light inside to be on, but there was nothing in the house and no one, but the strange thing was that there were some garbage bags in the middle of the house that I had eaten.

Uncle said: “Could that Jiao be here.”

My father yelled that Jiao’s name, but in the empty room he could only hear the echo. Suddenly, I heard the woman crying again. The villagers were so scared that they all backed away.

One of the villagers held a stick in his hand and said, “Who, who is crying there?”

There was no one here, and I don’t know why I suddenly heard someone hitting the wall with something. The timid Liu Jun was so scared that he was so scared that he sat on the ground. His expression suddenly became hideous, and he tremblingly pointed forward and said, “That…that’s the sixth man.” He was shocked as soon as he finished speaking.

When the woman turned around, she saw that her eyes were bloodshot, her face was pale, and the corners of her mouth were still bleeding out. She walked towards me step by step, crying and laughing. I was so frightened that I was stunned. Fortunately, my uncle grabbed me away. At this time, the villagers had already run far away.

At this moment, my body began to become distorted, and suddenly laughed, but after a while, I said very sadly: “I am very lonely here, very lonely…”

The third brother interrupted me again and said, “Sixth, you should be possessed at that time!”

I recalled for a while and said, “It seems to be.”

Having said that, she glanced at her uncle on the ground, floated over, grabbed me next to her uncle, and slammed me into her stomach, her stomach bulged in an instant. It’s like having a baby in October.

After a few seconds, her belly shrank again, and her blood-stained hand kept stroking her belly and said, “We will always be together, so you won’t leave me.”

Then came the cry of a woman: “Why do you…why leave me? Am I really that scared?” After saying this, she lowered her head, picked up her clothes and exposed her belly, with her hands so easy She threw aside her belly, then grabbed her head and pulled me out of her belly directly. At this moment, the blood poured into the ground like rain, but she didn’t feel any pain.

I have to say that recalling that incident is simply a nightmare for me.

I looked towards Brother Fifth, as if the policeman hadn’t asked what had just come out!

The policeman said that although there is evidence that Brother Fifth killed someone, the evidence is not sufficient at all!

At night, the police released me, my fifth brother, and my third brother!

I looked at the fifth brother and asked, “Fifth brother, are you okay!”

Brother Fifth looked at me with a calm expression: “What can I do, haven’t I been released?”

“I’m talking about the police saying you murdered?”

The fifth brother frowned and said, “Do you also believe what the bastard policeman said.”

The third brother also looked at the fifth brother with a serious face: “Fifth, don’t you know that you have been sleepwalking lately?”

Brother Fifth had a calm expression: “I am sleepwalking, I know!”

“Do you still know? Then do you remember what you did when you were sleepwalking?” I looked at the fifth brother and asked.

The third brother also interjected: “Fifth, we didn’t follow you when you were sleepwalking, so do you remember what you did when you sleepwalking?”

The fifth brother looked at a loss, after a long thought, he replied: “Well, this! How can I remember this.”

Brother Fifth’s answer really made Brother Third and I a little skeptical! When did he have the problem of sleepwalking. My third brother and I don’t know, anyway, we remember that he has no problem with sleepwalking!

I looked at the fifth brother and asked, “Fifth brother, do you remember when you started having sleepwalking?”

The fifth brother pondered for a while and said, “Well! I don’t remember this question very much.”

The third brother also didn’t want to continue to pursue this matter, since the police had already released us back, then, presumably no evidence was found.

The third brother suggested: “Sixth, why don’t you go to your hometown and ask your mother what happened back then?”

I nodded, and then the three of us bought bus tickets back to my hometown, Huanghe Gudu!

When the three of us arrived at the ancient crossing of the Yellow River in our hometown, it was already dark!

I opened the door and walked into the house without seeing my old mother! Then we looked for it in the yard. The three of us looked around in the yard, but none of us saw my mother’s shadow!

The three of us went to the ancient crossing of the Yellow River! But when we got there, we found that the water of the Yellow River had dried up! Then just when we are puzzled! I saw my mother not far away!

My mother is now in her seventies, she is very inconvenient to move! I looked at my mother’s back and saw her head down, not knowing what she was talking about.

After talking to my third and fifth brothers, I walked around the river and walked to my mother.

I shook my mother’s shoulder gently, I am grass! My mother actually made a “boom” and fell to the ground! I hurriedly helped my mother up, but found that her hands were cold and her body was stiff!

What exactly happened here? I have an unknown hunch, is my mother dead?

I was so scared that I was shaking my hands and moved under my mother’s nose! Finding that her mother had died, how could she just die so inexplicably!

This matter makes it hard for me to accept!

The fifth and third brothers across the river saw something wrong with me across the river, and the three of them ran over!

Seeing my low expression, the third brother quickly asked me what’s wrong?

Brother Fifth saw something was wrong with my mother at a glance, and he said faintly: “People are dead.”

The third brother looked at my mother, and then looked shocked: “How could your mother die like this?”

I also feel very puzzled, my mother’s body is usually fine! Just a few days ago, she obviously talked to me on the phone, but when she said nothing, she suddenly disappeared.

The third brother seemed to suspect that my mother’s death was related to the demon, so he took out the photo that the police had thrown at the fifth brother just now. The fifth brother also carefully looked at the person in the photo, and then looked at me and said : “Lao Liu, do you think this demon is very similar to the person in this photo.”

I took the photo and took a closer look, and said with certainty: “It’s not like it, that’s obviously it! But why does this despoiler hurt my mother? My mother has no grievances with him.”

“There is no grievance and no enmity, but you know very well that your mother is related to that bronze leaf.” The third brother said.

Brother Fifth thought so too. He looked at me solemnly and said, “Did your mother die soon?”

When the fifth brother said this, it made me nervous: “My mother is dead a long time ago? When did it happen?”

I touched my forehead, I don’t have a fever! I also looked at Fifth Brother solemnly: “Fifth Brother, you are not kidding me!”

The third brother suddenly grabbed me, and I could feel the pain, indicating that I was normal!

I looked at the fifth brother and asked, “Fifth brother, what’s the matter with you?”

The fifth brother suddenly sneered: “What? Are you still suspicious of me?”

I watched my fifth brother did not speak. I picked up my mother and said firmly: “I will find out who murdered my mother.”

At this time, the third brother looked at me very seriously and said: “Sixth, your mother died 30 years ago? Or you told us that your mother picked one 30 years ago. Bronze leaves have the ability to psychic, and you gave birth to you when you were unmarried. It is precisely because your mother has this kind of spiritual power that you will be killed, and your mother’s death is very tragic. The next sentence Qingtong Ye was born.”

When the third brother said that, I seemed to think of something, and suddenly felt a pain in my head.

Brother Fifth hurriedly supported me and asked: “Sixth, what’s wrong with you?”

At this moment, I felt like my head was about to explode. I hugged my mother and fell to the ground all at once. My fifth and third elder brothers quickly helped me up, and the third elder shook my body vigorously. I was already very uncomfortable. Being shaken by the third elder brother made me feel bad!

I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t say a word from my throat. This feeling was so uncomfortable, I just watched the third and fifth brothers in front of me.

“Sixth, wake up, wake up!” Brother Fifth also began to shake me vigorously.

I suddenly got up, a big man, only to realize that I had a dream.

“Sixth, are you okay!” The fifth brother finally breathed a sigh of relief when I was awake.

I looked at the third and fifth brothers and said, “What the hell is wrong with me?”

“Were you dreaming just now? Even talking about dreams indiscriminately, it scared me and the third brother to death.” said the fifth brother.

I just feel so tight in my chest, and then coughed again and again.

The third brother quickly handed me a glass of water: “Sixth, you first drink a glass of water to be shocked.”

I quickly drank a sip of water, which made me feel better. I looked at the fifth brother and said, “Did we not go back to our hometown?”

“It’s back!” said the third brother.

I looked around here. This is my house. The old red-brown wooden bed and the red-brown wooden floor. There is no wallpaper around the walls.

“Sixth, this is your family’s right!”

I nodded.

“Old sixth, when we walked to the edge of the Yellow River just now, you suddenly bypassed the river, and then you walked towards a back. Brother and I found that something was wrong with you, so we followed. Fortunately, we stopped It has to be in time, or you might be gone.”

“No, what does it mean no.” I looked at the third and fifth brothers with a puzzled face.

“We don’t know what you saw? Call your mother, and then you pinched your neck, and then fainted.” The third brother said.

I felt a little unbelievable, looking at the third and fifth elder brothers and said: “I was really like that just now?”

The third and fifth brothers nodded solemnly.

At this time, Brother Fifth came to a police station to call. The policeman who said that Brother Fifth killed someone earlier said that they found some clues and wanted to go back and let us make a transcript.

Brother Fifth was silent when he was silent, but when his temper was bad, he was still very irritable: “What did you say? What transcript? Didn’t you just do it?”

“The transcript just now was incomplete, and it has to be done again,” the policeman said.

Brother Fifth suddenly said angrily: “Who the hell are you! Do you just want to make a transcript? I don’t have time.”

After saying this, the fifth brother hung up with a “pop”.

He kept cursing, “The policeman is fucking sick! Let’s

Wonderful review of “The Secret Tomb of the Yellow River”

Some readers said that you can make a fortune by double-piercing doors. I don’t know if you are thinking about reselling antique gold jewelry or something. If that’s the case, I think it’s better to save money. This method is okay to make a small fortune, it involves a lot of money. I think the zf department will definitely pay attention to you immediately. In the book, the mentally handicapped aura opened by the zf department is enough, not to mention the live broadcast through this kind of thing, Ivan Vanke, a person of unknown origin, can come up with technology products beyond the times.

It is unreasonable to be able to build a large company without being doubted and in a short time. What kind of business is comparable to doing business with a country? The protagonist (head ghost, Na Jiao) has made up his mind not to cooperate with the country first, so don’t toss about those useless. There are super talents like Ivan Vanke and the protagonist (head ghost, Na Jiao) is also constantly bringing other things out of energy, worrying that the country will slice you? This country is more mentally handicapped than killing chickens for eggs

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