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Ancient Corpse Beauty

“The Beauty of the Ancient Corpse” Radio Drama “The Beauty of the Ancient Corpse”
Other Name: 古尸美人

Genre: novel, Suspense novel
Author: Yu Chaan
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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“The Beauty of the Ancient Corpse” recently. It is a suspense novel created by the author Yu Chaan1. The content of the novel is still very interesting and quite good. I hope you will like this book. Fiction. “No key? The basement door is always locked.” Ruan Bi said as he ran panting. Jiang Feng stopped and stamped his foot severely: “Go get it!” Ruan Bi coughed slightly.

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“No key? The basement door is always locked.” Ruan Bi said as he ran panting.

Jiang Feng stopped and stamped his foot severely: “Go get it!”

Ruan Bi coughed slightly, and muttered in a low voice: “You keep the key to the basement. How do I get it?”

Jiang Feng clenched his fists and hit the wall fiercely, then walked back angrily, his expression as terrifying as the sky had fallen. The scared Ruan Bi hurriedly closed his eyes.

Ruan Bi looked at Jiang Feng’s tall back slowly leaving, gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, raised his hands and waved towards the air.

Suddenly, a creaking sound came from the side. Ruan Bi turned his head and walked slowly towards the source of the sound, the fear in his heart slowly aroused. The voice is still drifting away, if there is nothing.

Ruan Bi squeezed the corners of his clothes, sweat already overflowed in his hands, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, still insisting on looking forward. Ruan Bi settled down, raised all his vigilance, and continued walking cautiously. Only then discovered that the original sound came from the basement.

Ruan Bi hurriedly retracted his steps and was stunned. The hairs all over his body couldn’t help standing up, his face was as white as snow, and his lips couldn’t help but tremble: “The basement is locked, why is there a sound?”

Ruan Bi covered his cheeks with both hands and screamed, his voice echoing in the empty corridor, intermittent echoes rippling back and forth beside Ruan Bi’s own ears. Ruan Bi was so scared that he covered his ears and yelled again, stomping his feet desperately.

After a long time, Ruan Bi slowly calmed down. She slowly opened her eyes, and she was relieved to see that everything was normal.

But the voice still didn’t stop. Ruan Bi summoned his courage and decided to go all out. He must go and see.

Walking to the basement door, Ruan Bi found that the basement door was unlocked, the skylight above was leaking, and the blowing door creaked.

Ruan Bi walked in slowly, and gently pressed the switch beside the door, and the whole basement suddenly brightened. With a sudden “touch”, the door was closed. Ruan Bi stepped back hurriedly, clutching the door handle desperately, only to find that the door had been closed. Ruan Bi hissed: “Is anyone out there? Open the door! Open the door!”

The electric rod began to flicker, making a “creaking” sound.

Ruan Bi squatted down against the corner with his head in his arms, crying desperately: “Help! Is there anyone? Help me!”

Wonderful review of “Ancient Corpse Beauty”

Meiyu Novels, Hollywood, which passed through to 1997, inherited a film production company that was about to go bankrupt, sought financing from the local tyrants in the Middle East, and then acquired a film distribution company. The next step should be to pit the money from the Asan local tyrants. Now the timeline has reached the protagonist (Ruan Bi, Jiang Feng) finally acquired the overseas distribution department of PolyGram and just finished the film.

Haha, the protagonist (Ruan Bi, Jiang Feng) is still a bit dark-bellied, and nakedly shows the face of the capitalist in front of the interests. In general, it’s great to watch. The author (Yu Chaan 1) is still sophisticated. After all, he is an old Mei Yu author (Yu Chaan 1). I only hope that the protagonists (Ruan Bi, Jiang Feng) don’t have stallions. Don’t stall! ! ! ! The harem is controlled below 5 people, I think it is fairy grass

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