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Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 1
Other name: 余生 有 你 , 甜 又 暖, Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You, ลืมรักเลือนใจ
Author: Jiǒng jiǒng yǒu yāo
Genre: Romance, Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


When she found out that she was possessed by Pei Yucheng’s consciousness – Lin Yan refused.
Apparently dancing in the bar, I woke up and stood in Pei Yucheng’s bathroom!
Obviously filming in the countryside, I woke up and sat in Pei Yucheng’s meeting room!
Obviously lying in his own house, I woke up and lay in Pei Yucheng’s big villa!
Later, Lin Yan- “Big, please help me write homework!” “Big brother, please, upper body please test!” “Big, please, upper body please chase the male god!” “Big guy. I heard that it hurts to have kids when I have children in the future, it’s not as good as you … “
Pei Yucheng: “…”


Chapter 1 Is This How You Repay Me?
Chapter 2 Who Dares to Bully You?
Chapter 3 Don’t Do Anything Foolish, Or You Will Get Hurt

Chapter 4 Only She Could Save Our Boss
Chapter 5 Instant Recovery
Chapter 6 He Lost Control Again
Chapter 7 The Consequences of Lying to Me
Chapter 8 I Still Have You, Don’t I?
Chapter 9 Break Your Leg
Chapter 10 Consciousness Taking Over Her Body
Chapter 11 I Almost Had a Heart Attack
Chapter 12 I Can’t Stay Calm With You Like This
Chapter 13 You Are Already Disrespectful
Chapter 14 Huge Misfortune
Chapter 15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress
Chapter 16 She Was the One Who Had Taken Advantage of Him
Chapter 17 I Really Don’t Care About Worldly Temptations
Chapter 18 This Role Is Definitely Mine
Chapter 19 The Boss Came Personally
Chapter 20 For the Supporting Actress
Chapter 1332 clashed
Chapter 1333 I heard that you are broken in love
Chapter 1334 instead of buying a hot drink
Chapter 1335 Shameless Competing for Favor
Chapter 1336 See You In The Final
Chapter 1337 She Doesn’t Have That Qualification
Chapter 1338 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 1339 The Traitor Climbing the Wall
Chapter 1340 The game begins
Chapter 1341 is not a level
Chapter 1342 Pretending to be struck by lighting
Chapter 1343 Apprentice again?
Chapter 1344 My master is very good
Chapter 1349 Born for the track
Chapter 1350 will definitely be bullied back
Chapter 1351 is blood boiling
Chapter 1352 Making dinner with Pei Yucheng tomorrow
World Book Day Public Welfare Live Egg Show (Extra)
Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 2
Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 3

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