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Chapter 1439 Which pot does not open and which pot

Chapter 1439 Which pot does not open and mention which pot

Meng Dong immediately reproached himself with a full face: “Mr. Pei, why didn’t you tell me in advance when you came here? I only heard from my subordinates that I knew you were here! It’s so rude! Now!”

Only once a year at the company’s annual meeting can I see the big boss from afar. I didn’t expect to meet him on such an occasion.

Pei Yucheng: “Just come and watch a race, don’t care.”

“President Pei, do you like Aurora Racing? This year Aurora Racing really performed very well! Especially No. 8 Lin Yan, who is definitely a popular seed player to win this competition. Mr. Pei, you are too discerning!”

Meng Dong slapped his flattering diligently, and at the same time did not forget to inquire, “President Pei, this Miss Lin is yours…” Pei

Yutang on the side laughed “Puff”. , Interrupted Meng Dong’s words: “I said Mr. Zheng, are you not an investor in Lightspeed Racing Team? Why do you keep boasting about other teams!”

Pei Yutang didn’t open the pot or mention which pot, Meng Dong’s face was blue, and he was almost crying. It came out, “No, it’s not, that investment… It’s just that the subordinates are just throwing in for fun… How can it be compared with the team that President Pei is fond of! Of course it is not as good as Miss Lin!”

Who would have thought, the big boss’s girlfriend She would actually be a female racer!

As for him, the sponsor is actually another team.

How is this different from blatantly antagonizing the big boss?

It’s an act of death!

Seeing that Pei Yucheng had been focusing on watching the game, Meng Dong didn’t dare to bother and left with a few words of greeting.

Back to the VIP box.

Soon, the captain of Leiyin and Lightspeed and the team manager were all called over.

The manager of Leiyin Motorsport thought that the boss called them to come here to be rewarded, and his face was full of joy, “Boss, this time our two teams cooperated very well. Even Simon’s mad dog was eliminated by us. I’m exaggerating, it has completely suppressed the limelight of the Aurora Team!”

The manager of the Lightspeed Team also flattered, “Yes, or the two bosses are wise!” They

only found two after talking for a long time. The boss’s complexion is worse than one, and it is inevitable that he is a little puzzled.

“Boss, did you suddenly call us over?” the team manager asked.

Ling Yang’s expression was also a bit dissatisfied: “The game is about to come, so I’ll talk quickly, and I’m going to prepare in five minutes.”

Liu Zhengkun’s face was serious, he considered his words, and then he said, “Today I and Mr. Zheng are calling for you. There is an important thing to tell you. What we say next, you must remember not to disclose a word to the outside world, you know?” The

four nodded.

President Liu, don’t worry, what the hell is it?” Liu Zhengkun and Meng Dong looked at each other, and then said directly: “In the next game, Ling Yang and Tang Sheng can win either, but they definitely can’t win Lin Yan. !”

The moment the voice fell, all four of them were stunned.

Ling Yang: “What did you say?”

Don Katsuya, brow furrowed, he thought he got it wrong, “Lin Yan can not win, what does that mean?”

Leiyin team manager anxious: “Mr. Liu, Meng total, you Are you kidding? Why is that? The biggest competitor in this competition has been eliminated.

Ling Yang and Tang Sheng are very likely to enter the top game, and even win the championship! Wouldn’t it be necessary to not let them win Lin Yan Let them hand over the championship? They may even be squeezed out of the top game!”

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