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Chapter 1172 Ability Test

Chapter 1172 Ability Test

“Miss, we also act according to the rules!” When the few people said, they really wanted to grab it. Bo Qingang took two steps and pulled Xiao Su’er behind him, looking at the people in the prime minister’s house with cold eyes. Open up.

“I see who of you dares today! Unless she doesn’t want anything from the king, no one is allowed to snatch it. I think the rule set by the Prime Minister is biased, and your eldest sister is a bit too much! Change the King of Japan Come to the house and have a good chat with the Prime Minister’s house rules, and see how much the king doesn’t know!”

His words were so loud that the people in the Prime Minister’s house stepped back and did not dare to step forward, Su Yaoer His face was red and white, and in the end he only saluted and said, “Yes, the prince said it was reasonable, it was Yao’er who overstepped it.”

“From now on, all of you must be respectful to her. She is the woman that this king looks after. In the future, this king will protect her. If any of you dare to be disrespectful to her, you will be disrespectful to this king! A few two!” Bo Qing’ang said these words domineeringly, which immediately caused an uproar.

“Oh my God! What did the Sixth Princes say? He said that the trash was the woman he was after?”

“Oh my God! What happened to the Sixth Princes? There are so many official ladies, and there are talented cultivators as well as the beauty of the country and the city! Which is no better? Why does he look down on that waste is strong, he just likes this waste?”

“Speak down, wait a minute to make the sixth prince angry, we don’t have good fruit to eat.”

“Who knows when this waste will meet the sixth prince?

“Hey !” “Hey!”

Just as everyone was talking, a deep and loud bell rang from the ancestral temple in front, accompanied by a sharp voice.

“The ability test is about to begin, please prepare to enter!” The

bell rang, and the surroundings suddenly fell silent. They didn’t dare to discuss this matter anymore, only thinking about today’s ability test, so they all rushed towards the ancestral temple.

Xiao Su’er also recovered, turned around and prepared to follow them into the temple, but was pulled by Bo Qingang again. She turned around, and Bo Qingang leaned against her ear and asked in a low voice, “Are you also a cultivator? You have to go in too?”

“To enter the Ghost Doctor Valley to find Frozen Grass, you must pass an exam, but after passing the exam, you must be a cultivator, so I have to go in.”

“Okay, the test went well, I’m waiting here. At you.” Bo Qingang can only bless her. After all, Xiao Su’er has the space for medicinal spirit jade and he doesn’t have it. He can’t eat Xiao Su’er and become a cultivator! Everything can only depend on Xiao Su’er, he can only accompany.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely pass the test to let everyone know that I am qualified to enter the Ghost Doctor Valley and get the antidote for the ice poison. We will return to China Mainland as soon as possible to accompany Xiaowang. Don’t worry!” Xiao Suerchong He smiled, stretched out his hand and stroked his cheek, even though the two people through the mask looked at each other and smiled.

Entering the ancestral temple, Xiao Su’er was immersed in the reunion of the two people and was complacent. She was still worried last night that Bo Qingang would lose the person he didn’t know in this strange place. Now that she is fine, she can feel relieved. NS.

When she was rejoicing, she suddenly heard a ferocious voice in her ears, “Su Xin’er!”

This voice sounded heart-piercing, as if to chew her up and eat it, Xiao Su’er raised her head but Seeing Su Yaoer’s face walking towards her with a green face.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Su’er’s face instantly cooled down, and there was no longer the smile just now, and

she asked in a cold voice, “Something?” “What do you mean? How could it be all right!” Su Yao’er’s delicate face was full. She looked fierce, and even looked a bit ugly, her eyes filled with anger, “You tell me what the hell is going on with you and the Sixth Prince? When did you meet?”

She was almost mad. ! She wanted to kill Su Xin’er without accomplishing it. She was depressed enough. She also thought that after today’s ability test was completed, Su Xin’er and the Prime Minister’s Mansion could completely sever the relationship. She actually caught up with the Six Princes.

When the time comes, how can the Sixth Prince let her take off her clothes and run the whole journey? Maybe I would blame myself, this trash didn’t know what tricks he had done, and actually hooked up with the six princes.

It didn’t look like the two people met for the first time. They said that she was the woman he was after, so they didn’t think it was right.

Su Yan’er thought of the domineering care and spoiling gaze of the six princes to Xiao Su’er just now, and she wished to skin her cramps now, but the six princes had already let go of cruel words. She really didn’t dare to touch Su Xin’er, the more she thought about it, the more angry she got.

Xiao Su’er looked at her daring and unspoken appearance and felt very happy. This could be regarded as revenge for the second lady!

Thinking about this, she replied even more, “You ask me what is the relationship with the Sixth Prince? I think you want to know how the Sixth Prince feels about me. Just ask him how good he is! Sister, you won’t be true. I thought that the two of us have reached the point of intimacy with nothing to say, don’t lie to yourself all day, you lied to yourself.”

“You!” Su Yaoer trembled with anger, but…

“The ability test begins, please The ladies and masters of the official family have already lined up the practitioners to take the test.” A sharp voice from the host of the ancestral temple sounded, interrupting the conversation between the two.

Xiao Su’er looked up and saw that the ancestral temple was already full of people. The annual ability test is the most grand event in the Continent of All Saints. Many people who are not cultivators will come to watch it, wanting to know the genius and the most powerful this year. Who is the person?

There is a pot of flowers on the high platform at the front, but there are five flowers in the flowerpot, but the flowers are different from ordinary flowers, not like ordinary flowers, just like five fake flowers. It has a crystal-like texture and stands crystal clear in the flowerpot.

Before coming, Xiao Su’er had already done her homework, and she knew that these crystal flowers on the stage were called the flowers of ability, and they were specially used for today’s ability test. The cultivator performing the test only needs to transfer the spiritual power in his body to these flowers. The flower, the flower will open according to the cultivator’s own ability.

The five flowers are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Starting from safflower, the last is blue. The weakest cultivator can only make one flower bloom, while the strongest person can make all five flowers bloom. open.

Xiao Su’er knew that in the previous ability test, Miss Er did not have any ability to let a flower bloom, so she was scolded by someone pointing at her spine.

And today is the time to surprise everyone! She will reverse everyone’s impression!

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