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Chapter 1171 Reunion

Chapter 1171 Reunion The

surroundings were noisy, and the ladies and masters of the official family were all discussing fiercely, guessing what level they could reach in this year’s ability test, but the moment Xiao Suer got out of the carriage, the surrounding area was suddenly silent.

She felt countless gazes cast around her, frowning strangely, illusion? Why is everyone watching her? It’s strange, is there a flower on her face?

Xiao Su’er stretched out her hand to touch her face in a puzzled manner. At a strange moment, she heard a few close officials next to her and began to discuss her in whispers.

“Have you seen? This is the second lady from the Prime Minister’s Mansion. She looks pretty dichotomy, but she’s just a trash. What a pity! I’m embarrassed to come here today, if I just found a hole in her, I just got into it.

” say is ah! how so thick skinned, that he is still dangling around waste, the government should find a woodshed in the prime minister lock up yourself, do not come out disgrace! ” “

Do not say, although it is a waste, grow quite nice, but waste is waste, estimated that after what your family can not marry dignitaries, and you say who would marry her ah? ” “

goes without saying it? certainly like her is a waste chant. “

body The people next to him laughed, Xiao Suer’s fists hidden under her wide sleeves clenched tightly, did these two young ladies endure such ridicule all day long? No wonder he was so angry before he died. If it was her, she might have to come back to liquidate her after trying to transform into a ghost.

Xiao Su’er’s mood fluctuated too much, and the whole body was radiating cold. Even Su Yaoer couldn’t bear standing next to her, and shouted, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you so cold in these dormant days? Are you a ghost?”

That night, she had already bought two rascals and killed Su Xin’er and dragged her to the woods to bury her. Although the two rascals were idle all day long, they had money to make the ghosts grind, and helped her a few times. Second thing, every time can be done properly.

But this time they had clearly come back for business and promised to kill Su Xin’er, but Su Xin’er is back again, is it really haunted?

She was complaining, but suddenly someone came up from the back two steps to grab Xiao Su’er’s hand. Xiao Su’er was a little strange, but she subconsciously stretched out his hand to throw him away. The poison was transmitted to others, but when he raised his head, he met a pair of familiar eyes.

The person in front of him wore a mask to cover most of his face, but these eyes made Xiao Su’er feel familiar. He also had a temperature familiar to Xiao Su’er. When two people’s hands were held together, it was like two ice cubes together. normal people simply can not have such a low temperature, unless ……

Xiao Su child some whispered excitedly: “is that you?”

“ah” people before gently nodded, took the cork from the sleeve of a drug. In Xiao Su’er’s hands, “Girl, please help me keep this bottle properly. I will pick it up from you another day.”

Bo Qingang was very lucky to have come to this ability test site today. He didn’t want to come, but Coming in the mood to give it a try, I happened to run into Xiao Su’er.

Although she became something she didn’t recognize now, Bo Qingang knew that this was his Su’er the moment she touched her hand, and no one else could have such a temperature.

In front of so many people, the two can’t talk more, they can only give her a token first and promise to find her again someday.

Xiao Su’er held the bottle excitedly and nodded, “Okay, you remember to save it to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to find me.”

The interaction between the two seemed so incredible to the people around, everyone was stunned. After the reaction, the crowd In an instant, there was a scream.

“Ahhhhh! This trash is actually chatting with the prince, this is the sixth prince!”

“Why did the sixth prince give her the bottle, which is very valuable to look at. When did this trash meet the sixth prince?”

Xiao Su’er listened. He was still a little bit incomprehensible as the people around him yelled. I don’t know how Bo Qingang could be dressed as a prince. He didn’t have a disguise, wouldn’t he be dismantled?

When she was wondering, Su Yaoer, who was beside her, suddenly stepped forward two steps and forced her abruptly, and slowly saluted her in front of Bo Qingang, “Sixth Prince, I am the eldest of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, this is the younger sister! I don’t know! Is there anything abrupt? I will take her to apologize to you. What is the bottle you gave her?”

Su Yaoer was almost jealous and frantic. These six princes did not know who did not know, this was the first beautiful man in the Hallowe’s Continent. Although he wears a mask and does not show his face all the time, anyone who has seen him knows that he is a peerless beautiful man, and this name has been passed down.

He is the dream lover of all the official women of the Continent of All Saints. Everyone is looking forward to seeing his true face. In addition, he is a prominent family member of the emperor and relatives, and he has repeatedly displayed his style in the city, several foreign envoys. He came to greet him before the festival, and all the competitions were won. Almost all the women wanted to marry him.

I have worked hard for so many years without letting him notice. Now this Su Xin’er can talk to him and accept his gift. The bottle looks ordinary, but as long as the six princes have touched it. Same!

She is jealous and crazy so that Su Xin’er won’t have the opportunity to fly on a branch and become a phoenix. She wants to suppress her for a lifetime!

Bo Qingang glanced at her coldly and said nonchalantly, “I don’t need to tell you what I gave her.”

“Sixth princes. According to our family’s rules, daughters who have not yet been married are not able to accept men at will. As a gift, I, as Xin’er’s sister, naturally have the responsibility to help her ask. If you are not clear, then I’m sorry! We Xin’er can’t accept it. Xin’er, bring the bottle back to the sixth prince.”

Su Yao Er stretched out his hand towards Xiao Su’er, and the servant next to him immediately stepped forward to see if Xiao Su’er didn’t hand it over today, he would inevitably be beaten up!

“Sister, this is a matter between me and the sixth prince. How can I hand over the bottle he gave me at will? It’s too ill-mannered! I won’t bother my sister. My sister has grown up now, so I don’t have to worry about everything. “Xiao Suer refused politely.

Su Yaoer felt that this was simply not giving her face, her eyes motioned to the servants beside her, and several servants immediately stepped forward to surround Xiao Su’er to grab the bottle, “Miss, this is a family rule, or ask the lady to hand over the bottle to Liu. Lord, if you go back, it’s not easy to deal with the master.”

“Then if I don’t give it, do you guys have any rules? You dare to grab my things!” Xiao Su’er was angry, and these servants didn’t treat her at all. As a miss.

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