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Surviving as a childhood friend of a villain

에기사 님의 <악역의 소꿉친구로 살아남기> by Egisa’s

The villain was reincarnated in a novel that destroyed the world.

I had to stop a terrifying villain for me and my family.

So, when I was 11 years old, I entered the house of a villain… … .

He was in his childhood.

“I… … I’m not a kid. He is taller and his hands and feet are taller than others. I ate vegetables like carrots well, and I caught monsters by myself.”

Eyes that fold gently, plump pink cheeks, and lips that rise smoothly.

… Contrary to what you thought, it seems a little cute?

He taught the villain about love and peace, and raised it well and beautifully.

When we met again 9 years later.

“Yuria said that it was better to progress faster.”

that… It was a story about the speed of the book we read together… … .

He said shamelessly, cheating on me.

“I studied a lot.”

“Somehow to get Yuria’s heart back. Trying… … On the one hand, I was patient.”

His eyes folded in half were exactly the same as the face he had seen the day he was on an outing when he was a child.

However, it was not the cute childhood friend, but the villain Logiel Ebelian.

“So I want to ask. Yuri. How far is the next progress possible?”

… Where did my sweet childhood friend go?

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