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“Woman, do you dare to come back?” Haicheng’s most dangerous man pinched the woman’s neck, his eyes scarlet. Five years ago, everyone in Haicheng knew that Chi Huan was a woman from Dao Bei Ting. However, she cuckold him and fled after being pregnant with wild species!

Five years later, “Kill me!” Chi Huan had a mortal heart, if not… a few months later. “President Dao, Miss Chi returned what she stolen five years ago!” “Bring it”, and after finishing speaking, a tender little dumpling rushed into Dao Beiting’s arms, milky in his milk, and rubbed him…

Buy one get one free
Associated Names: 天降萌宝买一赠一
Sannong Flute
Genres: romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: 480 ongoing

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