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Chinese Drama


A Detective Housewife
A Girl Like Me (2021)
A Journey to Meet Love
A Kiss Is Not Determined
A Lifetime of Love
A Little Thing Called First Love
A Love So Romantic (2020)
A Love Story: You Are the Greatest Happiness of My Life (2021)
A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower
A Step into the Past
A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities
A Thousand Goodnights
About Is Love
Accidentally in Love
Adventurous Romance
Age of Legends
Agent X 2013
Airbenders (2020)
All I Want for Love is You
All Is Well
All Out of Love
Allure Snow
Always Have, Always Will (2021)
An Oriental Odyssey
Ancient Detective
Ancient Terracotta War Situation
And The Winner is Love
Another Me
Arsenal Military Academy
Art In Love (2017)
As Flowers Fade and Fly Across The Sky
As Long as You Love Me
Autumn Cicada

Bad Girls
Battle of Changsha
Battle of the Beauties
Be With You (2020)
Beauties At The Crossfire
Beauties in the Closet
Beauties Of The Emperor
Beautiful Reborn Flower
Beautiful Time With You
Beautiful Woman (2018)
Beauty From Heart (2021)
Beauty Private Kitchen (2016)
Bedtime Hero 1
Bedtime Hero 2
Befriend (2018)
Begin Again (2020)
Begonia Rouge
Behind the Scenes
Beijing Love Story
Beloved Enemy
Best Arrangement
Best Time
Beyond Light Years
Black Coal Thin Ice 2014
Bloody Romance
Blowing in the Wind
Border Town Prodigal
Bratty Bride
Braveness of the Ming (2020)
Breath of Destiny (2021)
Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi
Bureau of Transformer
Buried City to Shut All Lights
Buried City to Shut All Lights S2
Burning Ice 2017
By Stealth Like You (2021)

Cambrian Period
Candle in the Tomb
Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns
Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave
Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time
Capture Lover
Castle in the Time (2020)
Celestial Authority Academy (2021)
Chasing Ball
Cheat My Boss
Chef Fang
Chef Hua
Chien Lung Dynasty (2004)
Childhood Sweethearts Pianist
Chinese Paladin 3
Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu
Chong Ming Wei
Chuang 2020
Cinderella Chef
Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark
Closer to You
Cold Case (Chinese Drama)
Color of Night
Conspiracy of Love
Consummation (2020)
Cosmetology High
Count Your Lucky Stars (2020)
Court Lady (2021)
Crocodile and Plover Bird
Cross Fire (2020)
Cruel Romance
Cuo/Xi Dian Yuan Yang

Dagger Mastery
Dance of the Phoenix (2020)
Dance of the Sky Empire (2020)
Darker 1 (2014)
Dating in the Kitchen (2020)
Day and Night 2017
Dear Herbal Lord (2020)
Dear Mayang Street (2020)
Dear Missy (2020)
Dear Prince (2017)
Deep In My Heart
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)
Demon Catcher Zhong Kui
Destiny’s Love
Detective (2020)
Detective Chinatown (2020)
Detective Dee
Detective Ke Chen
Detective L
Devastating Beauty
Divorce Lawyers
Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies (2021)
Don’t Think Twice, Love’s All Right
Douluo Continent (2020)
Dr. Cutie
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 3 : The Survivor
Dragon Gate
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty

Eagles and Youngsters
Emergency Department Doctors
Emperor or Boss (2021)
Emperors and Me
Empress Of China
Empresses in the Palace
Entrepreneurial Age
Eternal Love Rain (2020)
Ever Night
Ever Night: Season 2
Everyone Wants To Meet You
Excellent Investor
Exclusive Memory
Exquisite Wolf Heart (2021)

Fairyland Lovers
Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You
Fake Princess
Fall in Love (2019)
Fall in Love With Anchor Beauty
Falling In Love With Cats (2020)
Far Away Love
Fate (2020)
Fearless Whispers (2020)
Feel The World
Female Prime Minister
Fighting Youth (2021)
Fights Break Sphere
Find Yourself
First Love It’s You (2021)
First Romance (2020)
First Sword of Wudang (2021)
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2018
Food To Pregnant
For Married Doctress
Forever Love (2020)
Forget You Remember Love
Forward Forever
From Survivor to Healer
Full House (2018)

Game of Hunting
Gank Your Heart
General and I
General’s Lady (2020)
Get Married or Not
Girlfriend (2020)
Go Ahead (2020)
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)
Go Go Squid!
Go Yi Yi Go
God of Lost Fantasy (2020)
Good Every Day (2021)
Good Wife
Goodbye My Princess
Goodbye, My Love (2020)
Gossip High
Grand Theft in Tang
Great God Monkey
Great Ruler
Green Door
Growing Pain
Guardians of the Ancient Oath
Guys With Kids (2021)

Had Not Elapsed Time
Half a Fairy Tale
Half Bright and Half Rain
Handsome Siblings (2020)
Happiness Chocolate
Happiness Will Come Knocking Again (2020)
Happy Noodle
Healer of Children (2020)
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost
Hello Again!
Hello Dear Ancestors
Hello Debate Opponent 2 (2021)
Hello Joann
Hello Mr. Gu (2021)
Hen Jun Bu Si Jiang Lou Yue (2021)
Her Smile So Sweet (2020)
Here to Heart
Heroes (2020)
Heroic Journey of Nezha
Hi, I’m Saori
High School Big Bang
Hikaru no Go (2020)
Hold On, My Lady (2021)
Honey, Don’t Run Away
Hope All Is Well With Us
Hot Blood Dance Crew
Hot-Blooded Youth
Hotel Trainees (2020)
Hunting (2020)

I Am Not an Elite
I am So Smart
I Am The Head Teacher
I can’t Hug You
I Fell in Love By Accident (2020)
I Got You
I Hear You
I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
I Will Never Let You Go
I will not get bullied by girls
I’m a Pet at Dali Temple
I’ve Fallen For You
If I Can Love You So
If Paris Downcast
Im Pregnant With Your Baby
Imagine Me Without You
Imperfect Love
In a Class of Her Own (2020)
In Love With Your Dimples (2021)
In Youth
Inference Notes
Insect Detective (2020)
Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk
Intense Love
Intern Female Constable (2020)
Introduction of the Princess
Investiture of the Gods (2019)
Invisible Life (2020)
Irreplaceable Love (2020)
It’s Hard to Be a Lady

Jade Lovers
Jade Palace
Jiu Liu Overlord (2020)
Joy of Life
Jueshi Qianjin
Just an Encore

Killer And Healer (2021)
King is not Easy
Kingdom of Conquerors
Kungfu Fighter

L.O.R.D. Critical World
Lan Ling Wang
Le Coup de Foudre
Le Jun Kai
Legend of Awakening
Legend of Ban Shu
Legend of Chu and Han
Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan (2012)
Legend of Fei
Legend of Fei (2020)
Legend of Fu Yao
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors
Legend of Hua Mulan
Legend of Mermaid
Legend of the Ancient Sword
Legend of the Dragon Pearl
Legend of the Phoenix
Legend of The Raiders
Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (2020)
Legend of White Snake
Legend of Yun Xi
Let’s Chat
Let’s Shake It! s2
Letting You Float Like A Dream
Life on the Line
Light on Series: Crimson River
Light on Series: Sisyphus (2020)
Listening Snow Tower
Living Toward The Sun (2020)
Long Distance Relationship
Long For You 2
Long Riyi, You are Dead
Look at the Sky and See the Cloud
Look Up There’s Starlight
Lookism (2019)
Love & The Emperor
Love a Lifetime
Love and Destiny
Love and Redemption (2020)
Love Crossed (2021)
Love Cuisine
Love Designer
Love in Between
Love in the Imperial Palace
Love is All (2020)
Love is Deep
Love Is Fate
Love Is In The Air
Love is Sweet (2020)
Love Is The Best
Love like White Jade (2021)
Love Me if You Dare
Love O2O
Love of Aurora
Love of Summer Night
Love Scenery (2021)
Love Script (2020)
Love Story of Court Enemies
Love The Way You Are (Drama)
Love Under the Moon
Love Unexpected (2021)
Love Won’t Wait
Love You For Loving Me
Love You You
Love Yourself (2020)
Lovely Swords Girl
Lovely Us (2020)

Maiden Holmes (2020)
Married First Then Fall in Love (2021)
Marry into the Purple
Marry Me 2020
Martial Universe
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2 Scavenger
Meet By Window (2021)
Meet in Gourmet Food
Meeting You (2020)
Memories of Love
Mengfei Comes Across
Mermaid Prince (CN 2020)
Meteor Garden (2018)
Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower 2
Midsummer is Full of Love (2020)
Ming Dynasty 2019
Minor March (2020)
Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard (2021)
Miss Gu Who is Silent (2020)
Miss S (2020)
Miss Sister Is Not What You Think
Miss the Dragon (2021)
Miss Truth
Missing Persons
Moonlight Romance
MoonShine And valentine
Mountains and Ocean
Mr Honesty (2020)
Mr. Fighting
Mr. Fox and Miss Rose
Mr. Nanny
Mr. Queen: The Bamboo Forest (2021)
Mr. Swimmer
My Amazing Boyfriend 2
My Beluga Boyfriend
My Best Friend’s Story (2020)
My Boyfriend
My Classmate from Far Far Away
My Dear Destiny
My Dear Lady
My Fantastic Mrs Right S1
My Fantastic Mrs Right S2
My Girl (2020)
My Girlfriend
My Girlfriend is an Alien
My Goddess, My Mother
My Handsome Roommate (2021)
My Heroic Husband (2021)
My Huckleberry Friends (2017)
My Little Happiness (2021)
My Little One 2
My Lonely Planet
My Love from the Ocean (2018)
My Love, Enlighten Me
My Mowgli Boy
My neighbor can’t sleep
My Poseidon
My Robot Boyfriend (CN 2019)
My Roommate is a Detective
My Sassy Deskmate: Season 1
My Splendid Life
My Story for You
My Sunshine
My Supernatural Power (2020)
My True Friend
My Unicorn Girl (2020)
My Vampire Boyfriend
My Young Pet General (2021)
My Youth
Mysterious Love (2021)
Mystery of Antiques
Myth Of Sword

National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey
Never Gone (2018)
New Face (2020)
New Smiling Proud Wanderer
Ni Chang (2021)
Nice to Meet You (2021)
Nice To Meet You (Chinese Drama)
Nine Kilometers of Love
No Boundary Season 2 (2021)
No Secrets
Nothing But Thirty (2020)
Novoland: Eagle Flag
Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2

Obsessed with Heart
Octogenarians and the 90s (2021)
Ode to Joy
Ode to Joy 2
Oh My Drama Lover (2020)
Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020)
Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain
One And A Half Summer
One Boat One World (2021)
One Man and Three Women’s Roommate Diaries
Only Beautiful
Only Beautiful 2
Only If I Love You
Only Side by Side with You
Oops! The King is in Love
Original Sin
Our Glamorous Time
Our Love
Our Shiny Days
Over the Sea I Come to You

Painted Skin 2 – The Resurrection
Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Painting Heart Expert
Palace 3 The Lost Daughter
Palace II (Gong Suo Zhu Lian)
Palace of Devotion (2021)
Parallel Love
Perfect and Casual (2020)
Perfect Couple 2014
Perfect Partner (2020)
Perfect Youth
Personal Assistant of Female President Season 1 (2016)
Phantasmal Night Affairs: The Enchanting Story of Qian (2021)
Ping Pong Life (2021)
Please Classmate (2021)
Please Give Me A Pair of Wings
Please Love Me
Please Wait, Brother (2020)
Plot Love (2021)
Poisoned Love (2020)
Pretty Man
Pretty Man 2
Prince Coffee Lab (2018)
Princess at Large
Princess at Large 2
Princess Jieyou
Princess of Lanling King
Princess Silver
Prodigy Healer
Professional Single (2020)
Psych-Hunter (2020)
Psychic Princess: Season 1
Psychic Princess: Season 2
Pursuit of True Love
Pushing Hand (2019)
Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Qianlong Dynasty
Qin Dynasty Epic: Part 1 (2020)
Qing Qing Zi Jin (2020)
Queen Dugu

Rattan (2021)
Really Meet Love That Day (2021)
Reborn 2020
Red Rose
Reign of Assassins
Remember My Boy (2021)
Rent A Girlfriend For Holiday
Return of the Condor Heroes 1998
Return the World to You
Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2
River Flows To You
Road to Rebirth (2021)
Royal Highness
Royal Nirvana
Royal Nirvana Special (2020)
Rules of Zoovenia
Rush into Danger
Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

S.C.I : Journal of Mysterious Cases
Scarlet Heart
Scarlet Heart 2
Scouring Marriage
Season Love
Second Time Is a Charm
See You Again
See You In The Future
Serenade of Peaceful Joy
Shall We Fall in Love
She is the One (2021)
Shuke and Peach Blossom (2021)
Single Princesses and Blind Dates
Skate Into Love
Sniper (2020)
So Young (Chinese Drama)
Soft Memory
Sparkle Love (2020)
Spring Flower, Autumn Moon
Stairway to Stardom
Standing in the Time
Startling by Each Step (Bu Bu Jing Xin)
Still Not Enough
Storm Eye (2021)
Story of Yanxi Palace
Su Yu (2020)
Sweet Combat
Sweet First Love (2020)
Sweet Tai Chi
Swin to Sky (2020)
Switch of Fate
Sword Dynasty
Symphony of Fate
Symphony’s Romance

Take My Brother Away
Tang Dynasty Tour
Tao Nv Lang
Tears in Heaven
Ten Years Late
Ten Years Of Love
The Backlight of Love
The Bad Kids
The Best Meeting
The Best of Times (2020)
The Best of You in My Mind
The Best Partner
The Birth of The Drama King
The Blessed Girl (2021)
The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion (2020)
The Brightest Star in the Sky
The Burning River (2020)
The Case Solver (2020)
The Centimeter of Love (2020)
The Chang’an Youth
The City of Chaos
The City of Devastating Love
The Code of Siam
The Controllers (2020)
The Dance of the Storm (2021)
The Dark Lord
The Deer and the Cauldron (2020)
The Demi Gods And Semi Devils
The Demon Master
The Destiny of White Snake
The Dreamlike Seal (2021)
The Eagle Shooting Heroes
The Eight (2020)
The Emergence of First Love
The Eternal Love 2
The Evolution of Our Love
The Faded Light Years
The Fairy Fox
The Glory of Youth (2021)
The Golden Eyes
The Gravity of a Rainbow
The Great Craftsman
The Heiress (2020)
The Imperial Coroner (2021)
The Journey Across the Night (2020)
The Killing of Three Thousand Crows
The King of Blaze
The King’s Avatar
The Lady in Cubicle
The Legend of DuGu
The Legend of Hao Lan
The Legend of Jin Yan
The Legend of Xiao Chuo (2020)
The Legend of Young Justice Bao
The Legendary Tavern
The Legends
The Life of the White Fox
The Listener
The Little Nyonya (2020)
The Locked Room
The Long Ballad (2021)
The Longest Day in Chang’an
The Lost Tomb 2
The Lost Tomb: Reboot
The Love by Hypnotic
The Love Equations
The Love Lasts Two Minds
The Moon Brightens For You (2020)
The Most Beautiful You in the World (2021)
The Mother Said
The Myth
The Night of the Comet
The Night of the Comet : II (2020)
The Patriot Yue Fei
The Player (2021)
The Plough Department of Song Dynasty
The Prince of Tennis (2019)
The Princess Weiyoung
The Promise of Chang’an (2020)
The Queen of SOP
The Rational Life (2021)
The Rebel Princess (2021)
The Rise of Phoenixes
The Romance of Hua Rong
The Romance of Tiger and Rose
The Rules of Love 1 (2019)
The Rules of Love 2 (2019)
The Secret Angel
The Silent Criminal (2020)
The Sleepless Princess (2020)
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty
The Song of Glory
The Sound of Desert
The Stolen Years
The Storm of the World (2021)
The Story of Ming Lan (2018)
The Sweet Love With Me Honey (2021)
The Sword and The Brocade (2021)
The Taoism Grandmaster
The Ten Deadly Sins
The Truth
The Twin Flower Legend
The Untamed
The Untamed Special Edition
The Virtuous Queen of Han
The Wolf (2020)
The World of Fantasy (2021)
The World Owes Me A First Love
Three Hundred Cases
Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book
Tientsin Mystic
Tientsin Mystic 2
Time Teaches Me To Love
Tiptoe to Kiss Love
To Be With You
To Dear Myself (2020)
To Get Her
To Love (2020)
Tomb of the Sea
Trace (2020)
Twelve Legends (2021)
Twenty Again (2020)
Twenty Your Life On (2020)
Twisted Fate of Love (2020)
Two Souls in One (2021)

Ugly Beauty (2021)
Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua
Ultimate Note (2020)
Under the Power
Unexpected (2018)
Unique Lady
Unique Lady 2 (2020)
Unrequited Love (2019)
Unstoppable Youth
Unusual Idol Love (2021)
Use For My Talent (2021)

Vacation of Love (2021)
Visible Lie

Wacko at Law (2020)
Wait in Beijing
Waiting For You In A Long Time
Waiting For You In The Future
Walk Into Your Memory
Way Back Into Love (2020)
We Are All Alone
We Are Young
Weaving a Tale of Love (2021)
Welcome High School Students (2021)
Well Intended Love
Well Intended Love S2
What If You’re My Boss?
What Women Want
When a Snail Falls in Love
When She Is In Love
When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story
When We Were Young (2018)
Wind Blew That Summer
Winter Begonia
With You (2020)
Woman In A Family Of Swordsman
Wonderful Fate (2021)
Word of Honor (2021)
WuXin: The Monster Killer
WuXin: The Monster Killer Season 2
WuXin: The Monster Killer Season 3

Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan
Xiang Long Zhi Bai Lu Wei Shuang

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
You Are My Destiny (2020)
You Are My Hero (2021)
You Are So Sweet (2020)
You Are the Miracle
You Complete Me (2020)
You Light Up My Star
Young and Beautiful (2021)
Young Blood
Young Blood Agency
Young Sherlock
Your Fukubukuro
Your Highness 2
Your Highness, The Class Monitor
Your Secret
Youth (2018)
Youth in Your name
Youth With You Season 2 VIP
Youths in the Breeze

Zhao Ge (2019)

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