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Marriage Instead of Death


Three-year-old gangster who grew up in a family who knows that money and fists are the best. Should she marry another gangster man on a contract?!

Yang Hye-jin, the third-year-old gangster who ended up with the family after entering college for a peaceful life. For the 9th year since he left his violent father, who goes out first hand, and an ignorant brother who resembles him, he took his hair freely, asking to see the line if he wanted to save his mother. The opponent is Kim Mu-gang, the son of another gangster family, in other words, a gangster.

“The type that mainly suits the other person?”
“no. If it doesn’t fit, the family throws away.”
“She was sexy like a knife.”
“It wasn’t sexy for the guy to say that in the face.

Consisting of an arranged marriage contract between the organization, if you do not accept and indeed Hye mugang in a marriage is the only death could have sworn your life?

Marriage instead of death
Associated Names: 죽음 대신 결혼
Genres: novel, romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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