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Fake Marriage of Yeol-yeo-Cha

‘Joseon’ after a fake wedding,’Joseon’, the married life of Yeon-woo Park and singleist’Kang Tae-ha’, the marriage of the’Never married Park’.

‘Park Yeon-woo’, a dear baby at Lee Jo-pan-seo’s family, is a widow in a day because it is not enough to have a relationship with a couple with a man he saw for the first time. On the other hand,’Kang Tae-ha’, the CEO of Shinhwa Department Store, one of the leading S group affiliates in Korea and a singleist, runs a fake wedding for the only wish of his grandfather who died from a chronic illness.

However, the bride who decided to come has no time left until the wedding. Taeha’s fake wedding begins as Yeon-woo, who is struggling in the hotel swimming pool, appears in front of Tae-ha, who was rolling his feet.

Yeon-woo, a dear baby who lived in Hanyang, is confused about why he came to such a place while looking at the world where heaven and earth have changed, but continues to marry Kang Tae-ha,’Cha Do-nam’, who buries himself because he has no place to go. The TV is called a square chest, and the old-fashioned speech that even 30-year-olds can’t follow, let alone the door lock on the front door, makes Taeha a headache. But, strangely, Tae-ha keeps worrying about her.

Although he became a married couple at the first meeting, Yeonwoo is bound to break his heart at Taeha, who looks like his real West. When Taeha is cold and weak, he rushes to protect him and gradually opens the door of his heart to Yeonwoo. However, with the thought that she had to send her from Joseon, a corner of her heart began to hurt again, and the marriage of the two seemed not to be a fake continues.

The appearance of Yeonwoo, a Korean woman to the bones, is ridiculous, but sometimes it feels funny and adorable. Although she is a woman of the Joseon Dynasty, the character’s unique strength and great charm gives a strangely modern feel. It feels pitiful to be worried about what will happen to the West, who has already died once.

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